Mountain Cemetary
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Mountain Cemetery
1 - Grave Markers

You can read a few of the grave markers here (including one that carries the black and white coloring of your king), and you can also loot a few items: a rusted helm, a rusted greataxe, and two rusted graveswords (rapiers). These items can be polished (to be made slightly better) at Brogan's Arm for 100 gold each. The helm has a special power that will show you a vision of Steinfaar's Folly (which you'll learn about at Brogan's Arm), and the graveswords when polished can summon a gleerider (the gleerider won't move, but it can perform a bard song to help you).

2 - Ridge

There are two ways up to the ridge. If you can pass a strength check, then you can climb the boulder on the northern side. Otherwise you'll have to use the "strange birdcage." The birdcage is a container, and if you put the feather fetish (from the Night Hag's House) inside, you'll be teleported up to the ridge. The fetish won't disappear when you use it, so if you need to return to the ridge, you can take the fetish out of the birdcage and then put it back in, and you'll be teleported again.

On the ridge you'll find a few statues. If you can cast arcane magic or use magic devices, then you can use the statues to attack the kobolds below. However, you won't get any experience (such as it is) if the statues get the kill.

To exit the ridge, click on the "handhold" (which looks like a plant), and you'll be taken back down to ground level.


A. Path to the Northern Pass.

B. Entrance to the Night Hag's House.

C. Entrance to the Embattled Caverns.

D. Gate to the Southern Pass.