Brogan's Arm
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Brogan's Arm
1 - Steinfaar Residence

If you can bluff your way into Ilsa Steinfaar's good graces, then she'll provide you with some information about the town and other things, and you'll gain some experience for learning it.

2 - Steinfaar Iron Mine

You won't be able to enter the mine on your own, but you'll get tossed in later.

3 - Guild Hall

Inside the guild hall, you'll meet Helga Einswater. If you exhaust all conversation options with her, then Helga will tell you about an elf who visited the exhibits recently. She'll mention that he was wearing a uniform similar to yours -- "but... cleaner.”

For 25-50 gold, Helga will let you take a tour of the exhibits upstairs. If you don't want to pay, you can either pick open the door to the exhibits area or steal the exhibits key from her residence (#4). If you can open the door without Helga noticing, then you'll gain 50 experience. Otherwise, Helga will glare at you but then allow you enter the exhibits area anyway.

The tour consists of several message boards connected by a short stream of water. Each message board is worth 20 experience when you read it, and combined they tell the story of Brogan and the barrow dwarves. When crossing the stream, you might notice a message scrawled by the elf who visited the exhibits. If you're an elf or make a lore check, you'll learn that the elf was seeking the Cavanaugh Stone, too.

4 - Helga Einswater's Residence

Besides enough booze to inebriate a whale, you can also find an exhibits key in the residence. You can use the key to avoid the admission fee for the guild hall exhibits.

5 - Councilor Blauhart's Residence

6 - Councilor Greinlager's Residence

7 - Blacksmith

Angmar Rocksplitter is the local blacksmith. If you have any of the rusted items from the Mountain Cemetery, then you can get them polished here for 100 gold each.

If you ask Rocksplitter if strangers have come through town lately, he'll brag about the merchandise he sold to them. You can then provoke him into revealing where he hid his earnings -- under the Elkentree in the Elkenherd area.

8 - Nimmermaer's Well

Once you've learned that the well can take you to the Cavanaugh Stone (see #9), you can use the well as an exit, and it will take you to Brogan's Tears.

9 - Magic Shop

Old Man Nimmermaer runs the magic shop. If you talk to him, he'll tell you two things of interest:

A) The "infernal contraption” in his shop can create gold out of thin air. It's a container, and if you put gold inside it and then pull the lever next to it, sometimes you'll get more gold and sometimes you'll get less. Nimmermaer will also let you know that the machine has seduced his raven Raggletag, who can't help but find gold to put into it.

B) If you ask Nimmermaer about the Cavanaugh Stone, he should let it slip that his well leads to the barrow site where it is being held (#9). With that information in hand, you can use his well to travel to Brogan's Tears.

Also, if you have The Night Hag's Tome, you can ask Nimmermaer to translate it for you, but he'll only be able to tell you that it was written in the language of the fey.

10 - Barrow Site

The barrow site is where the Cavanaugh Stone is being held. You won't be able to enter the site directly; you'll have to reach it through the well (#8).


A. Gate to the Bridge.

B. Gate to the Elkenherd.