Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 9

Total Secrets: 63/71
Secret #1

Inside the Armoury at the northwest point of the level, look for a hidden wall switch behind some breakable boxes and barrels. Press it to reveal a hidden room with the game's best Axe-type weapon inside.

Reward: Norja
Secret #2

Inside the Temple Grounds maze, keep an eye out for a hidden switch a little south of the entrance (refer to our walkthrough if you're having trouble finding it). Press it to open a hidden room just to the north, just around the corner.

Reward: Pit Fighter Gauntlets, Lightning Bomb, Fire Bomb
Secret #3

For this secret, you'll need three Torches and two Rocks. Near the level's central chamber you'll find a puzzle featuring a teleporter, floor switches and two pits. Fall down one of the pits to reach a basement level. The note by the gate reveals you'll need to place Torches in the sconces around the room, stand in the spot where their shadows converge, and then throw two Rocks, one east and one north. Do so to open the gate, and you'll obtain one of the best pieces of armor in the game.

Reward: Cuirass of Valor
Secret #4

Just past the Crystal of Life near the end of Level 9, you'll find an Iron Door. To open it, you'll need to solve the riddle by placing a Bone Amulet on the nearby shelf. A Bone Amulet can be found all the way back on Level 2, so you might have some backtracking to do!

Reward: Zhandul's Orb