Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 3

Total Secrets: 17/71
Secret #1

Just beyond the first room of Level 3, you'll find a room with a central structure, and two pits in front of a gate. To open it, you'll want to press a semi-hidden switch on the west side of the central structure. This opens a door on the south side of that structure, inside which you'll find another hidden switch. Press that one, and you'll open the north wall and the gate. From here, throw an object across the pits to the floor switch to the north, and walk across the now-closed pits to claim your reward.

Reward: Short Bow, Broadhead Arrow x3
Secret #2

In the room where you first encounter the Giant Spiders, near the Crystal of Life at the west end of the level, you'll find a room with two pits and two switches. Press the first wall switch to close the pits up, and then run to the second switch (which is only accessible when the pits are closed). Doing this will open up a wall, revealing a portal that takes you to a secret room.

Reward: Tome of Health, Shuriken
Secret #3

In the room east of the Crystal of Life, you'll find two pits (same area as secret #2). Fall down one of the pits to reach a new area. To claim this secret as your own, you'll have to press the western floor switch and eastern wall switch (hold the floor switch down with an object) to disable the two portals inside, and then drop two more objects through the gate and barred wall to press the remaining floor switches. This will open the gate.

Reward: Serpent Bracer
Secret #4

Yet another secret awaits you in the same area as secret #3. When you're down below in the room with the Serpent Bracer, backtrack to the east wall switch and press it to re-enable one of the portals. Step through (now that the gate's open, you can reach it) and you'll end up in another secret room.

Reward: Scroll of Invisibility
Secret #5

Head to the sacrificial chamber near the southeast end of the level, just north of the room infested with Giant Spiders. To receive the Iron Key needed to proceed, you'll want to make an offering by dropping an item on the panel behind the bars, and pressing the switch on the wall. Doing so results in Silk Hose and the Iron Key appearing. To claim this secret, place the Silk Hose on the panel and press the switch again.

Reward: Nomad Mittens
Secret #6

This is another Iron Door secret. When you reach the second room at the middle of the level (it has a central pillar, and is just east of the "portal room", through some spider-infested tunnels), you'll note it has several sconces along the walls. Place two Torches on the east and west sides respectively (none on the central pillar) and a secret door will open in the northwest corner. Step through and flip the lever, and the Iron Door seen through the grating will open. Backtrack to the portal room, and reach its north side. To get past the pit blocking your way to the Iron Door, you might need to remove an object you have holding down the nearby floor switch.

Reward: Huntsman's Cloak
Secret #7

This secret is easy to miss. As you explore the tunnels at the north-northeast end of Level 3, you may hear a wall slide open. Head back to the room that loops around in a circle, with a door at the south end, and you'll find a room with two Giant Spiders to kill. Note that one of these monsters drops the Gold Key needed for Secret #8.

Additionally, there is a secret door in this room accessed by pressing a hidden switch on the wall, which leads to a staircase down to an isolated area of Level 4. Please see the Level 4 Secrets page for more details.

Reward: Tar Bead x2, Gold Key
Secret #8

The final secret of Level 3 is a bit tricky. Right next to the stairs leading to Level 4, you'll find a door sealed with a golden lock. The Gold Key needed to open it can be collected by killing the Giant Spiders in the hidden room described above in Secret #7. Head back to the door and open it up to receive your prize.

Reward: Knoffer Mace, Ring Boots