Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 10

Total Secrets: 69/71
Secret #1

The level's Iron Door is the last of its kind in the game, and is found near the level's Crystal of Life. Opening it is actually quite straightforward. Early in the level, you came by a Red Gem when solving a puzzle. Take the Red Gem and place it on the shelf next to the Iron Door to open it up.

Reward: Crookhorn Longbow, Throwing Axe
Secret #2

This secret is located directly behind the Crystal of Life in the level. Follow the tunnels north and look for a hidden switch directly above the Crystal on your map - it'll open a hidden door leading you right to it.

Reward: Fire Quarrel x4, Blooddrop Blossom x2, Toorum's Note #12
Secret #3

In the tunnels on the east end of the level, you'll find a lone pit near a locked door. Jump down the pit to find yourself in a Level 11 basement area with Cave Crabs in it. Defeat them and search the room for loot, then take the stairs in the basement up to claim your reward.

Reward: Shield of the Elements
Secret #4

While in the Caverns area, keep an eye out for a hidden switch on the first column in the room, near a pit. Press it, and you'll open a hidden room to the southeast, Toorum's final resting place.

Reward: Ancient Axe, Hardstone Bracelet, Phalanx Helmet, Tattered Cloak, Remains of Toorum, Toorum's Notes #15-16
Secret #5

Inside the room with the portal leading to the Prison Key, look for a hidden switch on the wall. Press it to reveal a pit taking you down to a basement level. Before claiming the loot, look for another hidden switch to press - it'll close a wall and prevent you from taking damage from a trap nearby.

Reward: Scaled Cloak, Sack (containing Burrow Rat Shank x2, Tar Bead)
Secret #6

While in the Caverns area, fall down the northwest pit in the east chamber, and you'll find yourself in the basement below. Follow the hallway through a door, and proceed onward until you find yourself face-to-face with the game's best Mace-type weapon. When you arrive, the walls will open to reveal some Cave Crabs and Herders, which you'll need to defeat before escaping back to Level 10.

Reward: Icefall Hammer