Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 5

Total Secrets: 32/71
Secret #1

At the starting area of Level 5, you'll find two cells next to each other, one north and one south. To get between them, you'll have to open a passage between the two using a hidden switch. Check inside this new passage for another button on the wall, which will open a hidden room in the north cell nearby.

Reward: Scaled Cloak
Secret #2

Inside the platform puzzle room at the east end of Level 5, fall down the pit and you'll find yourself inside an empty chamber. Not so! Look for a hidden switch on the wall near the portal, and a portion of the wall will slide open to reveal two Crowerns to kill, and your reward.

Reward: Lightning Bomb x2, Fire Bomb x2
Secret #3

Near secret #2, you'll find a locked door, as well as a lever and two buttons on the wall. To open it, use the following sequence: push lever down, press right button, push lever up, press left button. You'll have to fight off a few Herders trapped inside.

Reward: Herder Cap, Conjurer's Hat
Secret #4

Near the Crystal of Life at the center of the level, in the adjoining room, there's a hidden switch on a wall. Press it and a wall will slide open to reveal a reward.

Reward: Fist Dagger
Secret #5

The Level 5 Iron Door is right near the stairs to Level 6. To open it, you'll need to solve an interesting riddle: rest in the gaze of the dragons, as a nearby scroll mentions. How to do this? You may have noticed two dragon statues throughout the level (marked A and B on the map to the left), each looking in a direction. Trace the gaze of each to the point they intersect (X), and stand in it for a few moments until you hear the Iron Door open in the distance.

Reward: Lurker Vest
Secret #6

Head to the Deserted Tunnels at the north end of the level. Find the room containing a dragon statue (where you find the Ornate Key) and you'll spot a gate with some items inside. To open the gate, use the lever on the wall nearby and backtrack south through the new passage. You'll find yourself at the entrance to the Deserted Tunnels, with another lever nearby. Flip it, and run back north to the gate, and get inside before it closes. You can use the switch on the wall in order to open the gate when you're ready to leave.

Reward: Huntsman Cloak, Grim Cap, Broadhead Arrow 5x, Fire Arrow x3
Secret #7

Inside the Chamber of Pits at the west end of the level, you'll encounter a sequence of moving platforms over several pits. Pull the lever down and hit the switch on the wall, and then follow the platforms until you reach the opposite wall. Quickly press a semi-hidden switch on the wall, and follow the platforms to the corner of the room. You'll find a reward waiting for you.

Reward: Brace of Fortitude