Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 7

Total Secrets: 53/71
Secret #1

Check underneath the Tattered Cloak on the floor in the room east of the stairs leading down from Level 6, and you'll find one of Toorum's Notes. Read it to learn of a secret - a hidden chamber accessed by opening all the doors but the one "where the draft is strongest." In reality, this means you'll need to open all the doors in the immediate area except the one closest to the stairs. Doing so will cause the wall in the room with Toorum's note in it to slide open.

Reward: Ring Greaves, Battle Axe, Throwing Knife x3
Secret #2

In the Maze of Shadows, you can access a portal at the southwest end. To get to it, look for a Wooden Box on the floor nearby, and then check the walls for a hidden switch. Pressing it will reveal a way to access the portal. Step inside, defeat the Herders and claim your prizes.

Reward: Crossbow Quarrel x2, Throwing Axe x2, Mole Jerkey
Secret #3

Inside the same room described at secret #2, look for a runic symbol on the wall. Press it to open a hidden door to the opposite side of the portal you came in through, and access to another reward.

Reward: Frost Bomb x4
Secret #4

Past the Maze of Shadows you'll come across an area with some demon statues on the walls and a couple of pits. Fall down the southmost pit closest to the door, and you'll end up in an underground area with a reward for your exploration inside.

Reward: Bracelet of Tirin
Secret #5

When you reach the first portal at the north end of the level, fall down the pits you see nearby. You'll wind up in a long hallway with rows of floor switches. Stepping on each switch will release a poison bolt towards you - you'll need to carefully dodge them to the end of the hallway. To return, use the lever on the wall and head back down the hallway to the portal, fighting the Giant Spiders and Cave Crabs on the way.

Reward: Boots of Valor
Secret #6

Past the stairs leading to Level 8, you'll come across a chamber with a pit in the middle, three demon statues and three receptacles on the other side of the wall. To open the Iron Door, you'll have to strafe back and forth to prevent the spectral orbs firing from the demon statues from reaching their destinations. The entire sequence lasts about thirty seconds, and you can retry it indefinitely to no ill effect.

Reward: Chitin Boots, Scoll of Enchant Fire Arrow
Secret #7

In the roundabout hallway just west of the stairs down to Level 8, look for a runic symbol on the wall (see our Level 7 walkthrough for more details). Press it, and a wall in the eastern hall will slide open, revealing a staircase that serves as an alternate way into Level 8. This way in provides access to the Dismantler's Vault, which contains the Dismantler, one of the game's most powerful weapons.

Reward: Entrance to the Dismantler's Vault
Secret #8

Just beyond the portal that takes you over a gap, at the level's northeast corner, you'll encounter a corridor with a series of five levers on it. Flipping the levers so that all of them make a "click" sound, such that they're positioned up, down, up, down, up, will cause the wall to rise up, revealing this powerful Dagger-type weapon.

Reward: Assassin's Dagger
Secret #9

You'll find an optional puzzle at the east end of Level 7, where you'll need to guide a spectral orb past a closed gate using a series of switches. Complete the puzzle, and you'll have to fight three Uggardians before claiming your well-earned prize.

Reward: Shaman Staff, Toorum's Note #8