Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 2

Total Secrets: 9/71
Secret #1

A little ways past the first locked door (at the south end of the level), you'll come across a room with some runes on the wall. Reading them suggests there is something to the left... but what? Take any old torch and slot it into the holder on the wall, and you'll open up a secret room.

Reward: Iron Basinet
Secret #2

In the cells area at the south end of Level 2, you'll spot one cell lit by a torch (it's the one you grab a Brass Key from for the nearby door). To actually get inside the cell, you'll need to turn down the west hallway in the room beyond the cell area, and press a hidden switch on the north side of the hall. Doing so will open the opposite wall, where you can claim your prize.

Reward: Poison Arrow x3
Secret #3

Inside the "No Weapons Allowed" room south of the Crystal of Life, look for a hidden switch on the wall. Press it to reveal a small room with some decidedly eccentric footwear.

Reward: Pointy Shoes
Secret #4

Head to the northeast room of Level 2 to find this secret. You'll spot a lever on the wall next to a lit torch - flip it, and a wall to the south will open, revealing a couple of Herders to kill, as well as some loot.

Reward: Phalanx Helmet, Leather Pants, Tar Bead, Skull
Secret #5

This secret is yet another Iron Door. You'll find it near the end of Level 2, in the crypt area where you first fight an Undead Legion. Look for a demon statue on the wall and a floor switch, as well as the Iron Door. To open it, face the demon statue and stand on the floor switch. You'll need to stand still for about 15 seconds before the Iron Door creaks open. Get ready to back off quickly, as an Undead Legion hides inside to surprise-attack you.

Reward: Fire Bomb x3
Secret #6

Very close to the Iron Door (secret #5), in the crypt area leading towards the stairs down to Level 3, search for a hidden wall switch. Pressing it will open a hidden door to your left, revealing an Undead Soldier to defeat. Do so, and then search the room for some goodies (check inside the Wooden Box for them).

Reward: Wooden Box, Healing Potion, Leather Brigandine, Scroll of Poison Shield