Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 4

Total Secrets: 25/71
Secret #1

In the "Time and Tide" area, the first puzzle you solve involves throwing an item into a portal to activate a switch. What you may realize is that you can teleport yourself once the platforms have been raised over the pits - simply place an item on the floor switch and stand on the second platform from it, and you'll appear inside the room visible through the bars nearby.

Reward: Tome of Infinite Wisdom
Secret #2

In the "Time and Tide" area, you'll encounter a sequence where you have to run across platforms which open and shut to form a bridge. On the way, keep an eye to the right-hand wall and hit the switch visible on it, and a hidden door will open. Follow the platforms and you'll soon find an alcove in the wall with a treasure in it. Note that you may be blocked by a rogue Crowern, requiring you to attempt the secret again.

Reward: Chitin Mask
Secret #3

You'll find this secret in The Catacombs. Inside the cell with one of the floor switches (found at the southwest end of the area), you'll find a button on the wall. Press it and the rear wall of the cell will retract, revealing an Undead Soldier. Destroy it, then step forward to claim the prize.

Reward: Sack (contains Tar Bead 2x, Leather Gloves, Burrow Rat Shank), Bone Necklace
Secret #4

To get this difficult Iron Door secret, you'll need to do some lateral thinking. When you've passed the Trails of Thought tests, and are in the hallway leading towards the central room, look for an alcove. Press the hidden switch on the wall there, and run forward as quickly as you can. Inside the central room, two platforms have raised up, leading you to another wall switch. Press it, and then run back to solid ground. With the switch pressed, the portal in the middle of the room will disappear. Drop down the newly-revealed pit and you'll find yourself inside a cell within Level 4's basement. Once you've made it back to Level 4 via the portal, use the Gear Key on the lock near the Iron Door for your well-earned reward.

Reward: Chitin Greaves
Secret #5

You'll receive this secret for completing the optional "Slime Dungeon" area accessible from Level 4, after collecting the Green Gem and feeding it to the demon statue nearby. Please see our Level 3 walkthrough for details on how to access the Slime Dungeon, and our Level 4 walkthrough for details on the Slime Dungeon itself.

Reward: Crossbow, Poison Quarrel x6, Poison Bomb x2
Secret #6

Inside the Trails of Thought area of Level 4, you'll come across a floor switch puzzle beyond the portal maze. Inside the switch room, check the south wall for a hidden button to push - it'll open a chamber just to the south containing a poison blade for you to wield.

Reward: Venom Edge
Secret #7

Within the Catacombs area, search the west area for a hidden switch on the wall. Pressing it will open up a hidden room in the north hallway, releasing some Skeleton Warriors in the process. Destroy them and claim your reward.

Reward: Flarefeather Cap, Fire Bomb
Secret #8

Inside the Beast Gardens & Menagerie area of Level 4, you'll find three cages to trap Skeleton Warriors in. The southeast cage contains a hidden switch inside it, however - press it to open a hidden room at the northwest end of the area, containing some useful supplies.

Reward: Pitroot Bread, Leather Boots, Ring Gauntlets