Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 8

Total Secrets: 59/71
Secret #1

The first secret in the level can be found right at the beginning as you come down the stairs from Level 7. Check the northeast corner of the room for a hidden switch, and press it to reveal a room containing the most coveted of all treasures.

Reward: Blueberry Pie, Milkreed, Grim Cap
Secret #2

Within the Lightning Conduit area, you'll eventually make your way to two rooms on the northeast end. Once you've cleared out the Giant Spiders and the Uggardian, look for three hidden switches on the walls. Press them to open three rooms with floor switches, and hold each down with an object. This will cause two walls in the east room to open up, revealing some heavy armor.

Reward: Plate Gauntlets, Plate Boots
Secret #3

Follow the Lightning Conduit area to its conclusion, and search the hall nearby for a hidden switch. Press it, and a hidden door at the very end will open up to reveal a room with an Ogre inside. Importantly, there's also the Gear Key needed to open the Iron Door described at Secret #4 inside.

Reward: Lightning Rod, Gear Key
Secret #4

The Iron Door on Level 8 is fairly straightforward to open, as it requires a Gear Key. You can find it at the location described above at Secret #3 above. See our Level 8 walkthrough page for more details.

Reward: Helmet of Valor, Frost Quarrel x4
Secret #5

On your way towards the Dismantler's resting place, you'll come across a large chamber infested with Uggardians. Deal with them, then search the west column for a hidden switch. There's another hidden switch near the north gate in the same room that does the same job. Pressing it from either side will raise a wall to the north, revealing a hidden stash.

Reward: Wooden Box (contains Throwing Axe x2, Crossbow Quarrel x3)
Secret #6

Reaching the Dismantler at the end of Level 8 counts as a secret. See our Level 8 walkthrough for more details on how to reach it. It's set on a pedestal, and taking it without caution will result in swift death at the hands of some traps. To avoid taking damage, grab the Torch from the nearby wall sconce and place it on the pedestal where the Dismantler rests - as it's pressure-sensitive, taking the blade won't set off the traps. Enjoy the most powerful sword in the game!

Reward: The Dismantler