Legend of Grimrock Secrets - Level 6

Total Secrets: 44/71
Secret #1

In the main hall, head to the eastern side to find a small alcove with an empty sconce on the wall. Place a Torch inside and a wall just to the north will slide open. Defeat the Skeleton Warrior inside to claim this secret.

Reward: Fire Bomb x2
Secret #2

Inside the secret room described at secret #1, there's a runic symbol on the wall. Press it, and a hidden door will open up. This will lead you to the "Vault of the Orb." To get in, place an item on the floor switch to activate a portal only items can pass through. Drop (don't throw) any object while standing in the same place as the portal, and it'll end up on a second floor switch inside, opening the gate.

Reward: Orb of Radiance
Secret #3

Head to the Maze of Madness area in the level's northwest section. Head to the the spot where you collect the Round Key (you'll need to press a switch on the south wall to disable one of the portals), then look for a hidden switch next to the key's shelf. This will disable a second portal, allowing you to reach an alcove on the opposite wall (from the middle of the room, take the south portal).

Reward: Spirit Mirror Pendant
Secret #4

Inside the Haunted Halls, a crypt at the northeast end of the level, you'll find a hidden switch on a wall near the entrance. Press it to open a chamber to the north of you, containing a pack of Skeleton Warriors and your prize.

Reward: Heavy Shield, Ring Boots
Secret #5

Also in the Haunted Halls, look for a single pillar at the east end of the crypt. Press the hidden switch on it and head south, where a new room will have opened up. Defeat the pack of Skeleton Archers and search the floor for your reward.

Reward: Frostbite Necklace
Secret #6

Inside the "Mage's Entrance" near the Halls of Fire, fall down the pit in the middle of the room. This will take you to a sealed room behind a door in the lower tunnels of Level 7. To return to Level 6, you'll need to explore a maze of hallways infested with Wyverns and Crowerns until you reach a portal taking you back.

Reward: Lurker Pants
Secret #7

This secret must be accessed from secret #6 described above. Near the portal in the tunnels, you'll find another pit to fall into, taking you to Level 8. Descend into it and you'll end up in a room with a cage full of Scavengers. Place an item on the floor switch to open the door, then defeat the enemies. From here, you'll need to place a second object on the switch from inside the cage, run back out to grab the first object, and then step back into the cage to remove the second object again. This will open the second door, allowing you to access your prize.

Reward: Full Helmet
Secret #8

In the Halls of Fire, at the level's west end, you'll solve a puzzle (described at our walkthrough page) to get across a pit. At the demon statue, turn north and walk to a dead end. Scan the wall there for a runic symbol - press it and a hidden door will be revealed. Entering the door, which leads to the Fighter's Challenge, counts as a secret.

Reward: Fighter's Challenge access
Secret #9

Inside the "pit puzzle" room in the Halls of Fire, where you claim one of the Round Keys in the dungeon, you'll be able to find some fancy loot. Once you've claimed the Round Key, pull the Torch from the sconce nearby to raise a platform. This is the key to uncovering this secret. Go back to the first switch in the sequence, and run it again, this time going all the way around the column. When you reach the position where you claimed the Round Key, press the switch there and then take the new platform back to the main area. Run as fast as you can around the pits in the floor, and turn back to the central column. You'll spot a raised platform - rush over and hit its switch, and at last, a hidden wall section will open, revealing a Uggardian and a worthy reward.

Reward: Sword of Nex, Ring Mail
Secret #10

There's a devious secret in the southwest "Hall of Fire" area of Level 6, a tunnel with a fire trap that makes it especially difficult to explore. Look for a series of hidden switches in this hallway: the first two will open up alcoves that make it easier to reach the end of the hall, while the third, inside the second alcove, will reveal some stairs back in the first alcove. These go up to Level 5 - beware the Uggardians you'll find there.

Reward: Plate Cuirass, Plate Gauntlets
Secret #11

Level 6 is built around collecting four Round Keys to progress. However, only three are actually required - the fourth is used to open the Iron Door at the end of the level, if you took the time to explore the entire level. Please see our walkthrough for more details on all the Round Key locations.

Reward: Chitin Mail
Secret #12

At the northwest end of the main chamber on Level 6, you'll find an area labeled "Walkabout." You may notice that walking around it triggers a series of clicks. To uncover this secret, you'll need to follow the path in circles clockwise, following the outermost path - a full loop should give you three clicks. Keep repeating this - the first time you'll see a Rock appear, the second time a Skeleton Warrior will spawn and ambush you, and the third time, your reward.

Reward: Sack (contains Speed Potion, note with Speed Potion alchemy formula)