Icasaracht's Temple (AR9603)

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1 - Arrival

Having made it through Icasaracht's treacherous caverns, you'll arrive within her inner temple and will immediately find yourself under attack by some Vodyanoi guards. She has a lot of Sahuagin followers as well, so expect plenty of resistance and quite a few deadly traps on this particular map. Make sure you loot the corpses of any high ranking Sahuagin you encounter, as they typically carry Bolts of Sekolah's Fire.

2 - Massive Battle

The temple's main room is absolutely packed with Vodyanoi, Water Kin Elementals, Ice Golem Sentries, Sahuagin, Sahuagin Elite Guards, and a Sahuagin Prince. More guards will enter the main room from the four side chambers if you go near them, so try to avoid moving around too much during combat. This battle is much easier if you draw a few creatures at a time back to the temple's main entrance. If you don't use some sort of strategy, you'll most likely find yourself totally overwhelmed.

When you've laid waste to all of Icasaracht's followers, go around and search the Sahuagin Elite Guard corpses for a few suits of Shark Skin Armor and a few Spears +1. The Sahuagin Prince will have also dropped some Coral Plate Armor, a Cloak of Protection +1, and a Plain Key neded to reach Icasaracht's Lair. Though you won't yet know why, you can also attack the strange looking dragon egg on the east side of the room and it will erupt into a Snilloc's Snowball Swarm. This brings up a note that you've "destroyed the preservation ward on the young dragon body, allowing it to die" and awards you with 10,000 experience points. This was one of Icasaracht's offspring that she intended to inhabit with her spirit in an attempt to achieve immortality.

Before leaving the main chamber, ransack the seven containers lined up against the west wall. When you're finished looting, you will have acquired six very nice magic items - Debian's Rod of Smiting, The Icon of Power, Lover, Pestilent Dawn, Sceptre of Tyranny, and The Unstrung Harp.

3 - Loot!

Check the three containers in this room to add seven Bolts of Sekolah's Fire to your inventory.

4 - Exit

Once you have the Plain Key from the Sahuagin Prince, you can open this door to reach Icasaracht's Lair.