Barbarian Camp (AR9200)

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1 - Arrival

When you first enter the camp, a barbarian named Angaar will tell you that you're not welcome here. If you ask to see his leader, six more barbarians will come through the gate and surround your party. Tell them that you're a delegate from the Ten-Towns and you'll be escorted to the Mead Hall at area #2 for an audience with Wylfdene.

Even though Wylfdene spares you after your audience at area #2, Angaar will tell you that he has been ordered to kill you. Before such a battle breaks out, ask about Hjollder's banishment to receive 42,000 experience points. With a Charisma of 14 or higher, you can tell Angaar that it is the will of Tempos that your party survives. Angaar will back down and you'll earn another 42,000 experience points. If you don't have the required Charisma, then you won't be able to avoid a fight.

If you were able to convince Angaar not to attack, talk to him again and ask about the assassin that Wylfdene mentioned. You'll glean a little more information about the assassin, which gets you another 42,000 experience points. Next, inquire about Wylfdene specifically and you'll learn more about his resurrection. This will net you a final 42,000 experience point bonus.

After you've spoken with the Seer within the Gloomfrost Caverns, you'll return to the camp once again in order to expose Wylfdene's true form. Tell Angaar that you seek an audience with the barbarian king to fulfill a higher purpose and you'll be lead to the Mead Hall once again.

2 - Mead Hall

The Mead Hall is a rectangular building that houses Wylfdene and his bodyguards, and therefore ends up being the location of your initial audience with the barbarian king. During the barbarian leader's announcement of his many deeds, you'll learn that Wylfdene has a bond of some kind with the spirit of Jerrod. Inquire about this bond to learn that Wylfdene was killed some time ago, but has since joined with the spirit of Jerrod to return to the land of the living and unite the tribes. This is worth 84,000 experience points.

If you request peace for the Ten-Towns, Wylfdene doesn't quite see eye-to-eye with you. He's angry that the barbarians' ancestral lands have been taken from them and intends to take back what is rightfully theirs. Continue to reason with him until you earn another 84,000 experience points just for trying. At this point, Wylfdene will mention that the Ten-Towns had sent an assassin to kill him and even accuses your party to be another group of assassins. If you deny that you're an assassin, Wylfdene will tell you that the previous assassin was paid by the Lonelywood representative. This bit of information is worth another 84,000 experience points.

While he seems to believe that you aren't assassins, Wylfdene then accuses you of being spies and announces his intentions to kill you off before you can report the barbarians' strengths and weaknesses. Hjollder will pipe up at this point, telling Wylfdene to stay his hand and describing a vision from Tempos. Wylfdene will mock Hjollder for being an unworthy shaman and exile him to the Burial Isle to die. However, Wylfdene will agree to spare your party even if Hjollder's vision was "flawed." Hjollder will be hauled off and your party will be taken back to area #1.

When you are granted another audience with Wylfdene after speaking to the Seer in the Gloomfrost Caverns, you can tell him that you have brought a mirror of ice as a gift. He'll scoff at the usefulness of such an item, but a little coaxing will get him to look into it. When he does, you'll expose him (or her?) as the dragon queen Icasaracht and earn 84,000 experience points.

Before Wylfdene can do much else, the Seer will teleport into the Mead Hall (even if you previously killed her) and mock Icasaracht. The dragon queen will grow furious and strike the Seer down before relinquishing Wylfdene's body and escaping in a spirit-like form. After a brief bit of dialogue, the Seer will die as she predicted so many years ago. With Wylfdene's body crumpled on the floor, the two barbarian tribes will begin fighting. Remember, you're on the Elk Tribe's side, so only attack the Wyrm Tribe warriors to help sway the battle. Before exiting the Mead Hall to continue the fight, grab the Wailing of Virgins cloak from the Seer's corpse (assuming you didn't already kill her and loot it from her corpse back in the Gloomfrost Caverns).

3 - Loot!

Check the two nearby containers to find a Halberd of Sparks +1 and a random magic item (such as Ogien's Scale or a Cloak of Invisibility).

4 - Barbarian Clan Battle

A large battle between several Elk Tribe warriors and Wyrm Tribe warriors is taking place here. Assuming this is the last of the Wyrm Tribe warriors within the camp, you'll receive 300,000 experience points when the Elk Tribe is finally victorious.

5 - Loot!

Searching these two barrels will turn up a Potion of Strength, a Potion of Fortitude, and a Potion of Magic Shielding.

6 - Loot!

The barrels between these two rows of tents contain some nonmagical Studded Leather Armor and a Reinforced Large Shield +1.

7 - Loot!

Rummage through the two containers in this vicinity to plunder a High Quality Long Sword, a Potion of Regeneration, a Potion of Extra Healing, some Studded Leather Armor +2, a War Hammer +2, and a Ring of Protection +2.

8 - Loot!

This single container holds a Potion of Healing and an Elixir of Health.

9 - Hjollder

After exposing Wylfdene as Icasaracht and wiping out the entire Wyrm Tribe, you'll meet up with Hjollder once again in front of this tent. He will congratulate you for your success, but is concerned that Icasaracht's spirit is still able to pursue its mission of "terror and vengeance." Therefore, he asks that you take up arms against the wyrm and destroy her so that his people can finally be at peace.

Tracking the dragon queen down would normally be difficult, but Hjollder has learned that Wylfdene sent "a score of virgins" to an island in the Sea of Moving Ice. It's pretty obvious that Icasaracht would have fled to this island, so Hjollder has arranged a ship to take you to the island. Unless you're itching to finish the expansion, don't tell Hjollder that you're ready just yet. There are a couple of loose ends you can wrap up back in Lonelywood yet.

When you feel up to the task of defeating Icasaracht the dragon queen, tell Hjollder you're ready to go and you'll be whisked away to Icasaracht's Island.

10 - Beornen Walson

If you exit the far right door inside the Mead Hall, you'll come across Beornen Walson of the Great Whale Tribe. He can shed some additional light on the identity and whereabouts of Icasaracht, which will earn you 120,000 experience points. He'll also offer to take you to Icasaracht's Island, so feel free to use this as an alternate method of reaching the island if you don't want to travel with Hjollder.