Icasaracht's Island (AR9600)

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1 - Arrival

Having told Hjollder or Beornen that you're ready to face Icasaracht in the Barbarian Camp, you'll arrive at this small camp at the base of a frozen island within the Sea of Moving Ice. If you need to return to the mainland, Beornen makes it clear that the ship isn't setting sail again until Icasaracht has been dealt with. Looks like you have a dragon queen to slay, whether you like it or not.

If you need healing at any time on this island, you can purchase standard temple services from the barbarian shaman named Jorn. You'll be facing Greater Snow Trolls soon, so you may also want to grab the ten Flaming Oils from the two barrels within the camp.

2 - Large Battle

When you reach this section of the island, your party will be set upon by a small army of Greater Snow Trolls, Greater Ice Trolls, and Bergclaws.

3 - Loot!

Several Scrags guard the broken remains of a shipwrecked vessel. Slay them all, then search the hull to discover a random magic robe (such as a Robe of Armory or Namji's Robe).

4 - Exit

Two Ice Golem Sentries stand to either side of an ornate doorway set in this wall of ice. As soon as you try to open the door, the sentries will animate and you'll be forced to defeat them before you can enter Icasaracht's Caverns.