Gloomfrost Caverns 2 (AR9502)

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1 - Arrival

Emerging from the passageway beyond Tiernon in Gloomfrost Caverns 1, your party will find themselves in yet another network of frozen tunnels. Instead of Remorhaz, though, you'll be dealing with Ice Golem Sentries and several traps on your way toward the northeast section of the map.

2 - Kossuth's Blood

The Remorhaz trapped within this pit must have recently eaten a magic item, as you'll be able to loot a powerful necklace called Kossuth's Blood from its corpse. Killing the beast from the ledge above isn't a problem, but getting into the pit to retrieve the item is.

To reach the necklace, you'll either have to teleport into the pit using a Dimension Door spell or fire a Translocation Arrow at the Remorhaz with one of your archers. Once you have the artifact, you can either Dimension Door out of the pit or force attack one of your other party members with another Translocation Arrow. Sneaky.

3 - Tiernon's Magical Door

Unless you have the Mirror of Black Ice from Tiernon back in Gloomfrost Caverns 1, you will not be able to pass through this wall of ice. If you have the mirror in your possession, however, the ice will melt away and reveal a door leading to area #4.

4 - The Seer

The Seer isn't too thrilled to see that you've tracked her down after devoting years of her life to hide from this very meeting. Realizing that her death is inevitable, she tells you what you need to know. The creature that "wears Wylfdene's body like a cloak" has a weakness - she cannot approach ice without revealing her true nature. The Seer tells you to make Wylfdene look inside the Mirror of Black Ice that you used to gain entrance to this chamber and the barbarian king's false body will "melt from her like water." This bit of information will earn you 280,000 experience points.

With an Intelligence or Wisdom of 14 or greater, you can try to convince the Seer to come with you to Wylfdene so that she might face her fear directly rather than waiting for death to come to her. This will make her angry, but you'll earn an additional 280,000 experience points just for trying to reason with her.

If you continue to speak to the Seer about her gift of sight, she will tell you about some notable women that you have met or will meet during your adventures. It's interesting to hear what she has to say about women such as Maiden Ilmadia, Evayne, and, if I'm reading her cryptic words correctly, Ravel from Planescape: Torment (could a black-brambled garden refer to anyone else?). Interesting, but certainly not a required conversation.

When you've heard enough, tell the Seer that you're ready to take the mirror to Wylfdene and she'll offer to teleport you to the Gloomfrost to help speed your journey along. If you'd like to visit Tiernon again before you go, the Seer is able to send you there as well.

Should you decide that the Seer has lived long enough and want to end her life now, you'll suffer two points of reputation loss when you strike her down. A powerful cloak called Wailing of Virgins can be looted from her corpse, but her death will cause Tiernon to become hostile if you visit him again in Gloomfrost Caverns 1. You've been warned.