Gloomfrost Caverns 1 (AR9501)

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1 - Arrival

You'll arrive from the Gloomfrost in this frozen hallway. It won't be long before you discover that these caverns are infested with powerful ten-legged creatures called Remorhaz. The creatures seem to spawn continuously from the holes burrowed within the ice, so prepare accordingly.

2 - Tiernon

Tiernon is a blind dwarven smith of the Clan Hearthstone. When you inquire about the Seer, Tiernon will ask if you intend to harm her. As it turns out, the Seer has forseen your coming, and with it, her death. Your party is actually the reason why she's been hiding in these frozen caves for over ten years. Convince Tiernon that you have not come here to kill the Seer and he will tell you that she is within a sealed chamber behind an enchanted door of the dwarf's own making. The only way to figure out how to open the door is to look at its reflection in a mirror. With your help, the dwarf is able to construct a Mirror of Black Ice that will grant you access to the Seer.

Don't leave just yet, though. You have a few more dialogue options with Tiernon, and you'll want to use them. If you are talking to Tiernon with a Dwarf or Bard, then you'll have the option of recognizing him as a member of the Hearthstone Clan. He'll tell you to notify "the fellows" in the Sunset Mountains and let them know that he's doing well. This will earn you 26,250 experience points.

Regardless of your class or race, you can ask Tiernon if he has any supplies available. This will give you the option of buying and selling with the dwarf via a standard trade window. Some of the more notable items he has for purchase are the Winter King's Plate, a Scimitar +3, Frostbrand, a War Hammer of Phasing +3, and a Cloak of Protection +2.

If you listened to Murdaugh's tale within the Whistling Gallows Inn back in Lonelywood, then you'll know that the bard has spent a considerable amount of his life searching for a Glacier Rose. Bring this up to Tiernon and he offers to help the fellow out. When he's finished, he'll present you with a flower called The Ice Rose that can be brought back to Murdaugh of Auckney for a hefty 630,000 experience points.

You can also inquire about Tiernon's Sundered Shield, which you should have looted back in the Gloomfrost. Tiernon claims that its enchantment has nearly fallen asleep and sets to work on "waking it up." With a little tinkering around the forge, the dwarf transforms it into a much more potent Sundered Shield of Tiernon.

If you finished the original Icewind Dale campaign and then imported your characters for the expansion, then you will likely have the Restored Blade of Aihonen in your possession. When Tiernon catches sight of this weapon, he offers to "make it sing." Let him do his thing and he'll transform the blade into the Singing Blade of Aihonen.

And, finally, when you ask Tiernon why he's here in the Gloomfrost, he claims that he felt a call to the forge. Most dwarves are called to forge iron, steel, mithril, or silver, but Tiernon's calling was to forge ice. If you offer to guide his hands in order to forge something, he'll tell you that "a bit o' ye" will go into the making of the item. Agree to this and he'll ask what it is that you want to make: Once you've selected a weapon to construct, Tiernon sets to work. When he's finished, he turns it over to you and asks that you get it out of "this godforsaken glacier." This gets you a very nice weapon and 80,000 experience points.

It's also worth noting that if you end up killing the Seer in Gloomfrost Caverns 2 and then return to Tiernon, you'll be forced to fight him as well. When the blind dwarf dies, you can grab a small amount of gold, some nonmagical Studded Leather Armor, a War Hammer +2, and Tiernon's Hearthstone from his corpse. You evil bastard.

3 - Exit

This passageway leads deeper into the Gloomfrost Caverns.