Icasaracht's Lair (AR9604)

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1 - Icasaracht

As soon as you enter the chamber, your characters will be exported and the entire party will automatically be moved into formation a little ways into the lair. When all of your characters are in place, Icasaracht will emerge from the west side of the screen. The dragon matriarch will actually indulge you with quite a bit of dialogue about why she seeks vengeance against the people of the Ten-Towns, what part Aihonen and his sword played in past events, and her plans to achieve immortality. When you reach the end of the conversation, however, an epic battle is inevitable.

Icasaracht is a formidable opponent alone, but you'll actually be contending with four Sahuagin Royal Guards, two Sahuagin Underpriestesses, a Sahuagin Royal High Priestess, and the Sahuagin King as well. It's not an easy battle, to say the least. Since Icasaracht is most dangerous in close quarters (with her cold breath weapon and whirlwind-creating wing buffet), I recommend keeping your distance from her and focusing on the Sahuagin first. Their spells can quickly incapacitate and/or kill members of your party before they even have a chance to fight back. If you're having a lot of trouble achieving victory, refer to our Strategy Guides section for some extra help.

When the dragon queen and her Sahuagin minions have fallen, you'll be awarded 50,000 experience points for Icasaracht's death and will discover that the Sahuagin followers have dropped some pretty nice items. The Sahuagin Royal Guards each have a suit of Shark Skin and Coral Armor and several Bolts of Sekolah's Fire. The Sahuagin King can be looted for some Coral Plate Armor, a Heavy Crossbow +1, a Spear +1, a pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Power, a Cloak of Displacement, and a few Bolts +2.

2 - Icasaracht's Soul Gem

Once you've defeated Icasaracht, her soul will enter this gem and begin casting devastating spells at your party (including Dire Charm, Finger of Death, and a Vodyanoi summoning incantation). Hit the orb with whatever strength your party can still muster and it will eventually shatter into pieces for 50,000 experience points. Immediately following the soul gem's destruction, your party will receive another 500,000 experience points for "saving the northern lands from the threat of Icasaracht." When you leave the lair victorious, a final cinematic will play and your party will be returned to the house in Kuldahar where the expansion pack began.

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