Burial Isle Mainland (AR9300)

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1 - Arrival

Young Ned will land the boat on this semi-safe section of beach. When you're ready to return to Lonelywood, just ask Ned for another ride.

2 - Exit

This cave is one of many entrances leading down into Burial Isle 2. Before you can enter it, though, you'll have to deal with a Ghost Shaman and a handful of Barrow Wights.

3 - Exit

A Ghost Shaman and several more Barrow Wights guard the entrance to another cave leading down into Burial Isle 2.

4 - Edion Caradoc

Edion Caradoc is a former Necromancer that has been cursed with a negative energy sickness. The sickness is slowly causing him to die, so Edion has come to this isle to die quietly. Don't bother trying to save him - nothing short of divine intervention will remove the sickness from his body.

Ask Edion about any magic items he has collected over the years and he'll offer to sell you some of his finest trinkets, including powerful artifacts like Edion's Ring of Wizardry, Cynicism, and The Shield of the Revenant. He also has an assortment of powerful spells available for sale, such as Sunfire, Iron Body, Monster Summoning VII, and Power Word: Kill.

If you try to force Edion to hand over the magic items he has acquired, he'll turn hostile. Killing him is worth 20,000 experience points, but you'll only find a small amount of gold on his corpse and will no longer have access to his nice stock of equipment.

It's also worth noting that your party can safely rest in Edion's tower, so don't hesitate to run back here if you get overwhelmed anywhere on the island.

5 - Skaldar

A Ghost Shaman named Skaldar will tell your party that they are not welcome here. If you ask why, he'll tell you that one of their chieftains rose from his barrow, possessed by a foreign spirit. This destroyed the sanctity of the island and therefore your kind is not welcome here among the spirits. If you keep asking questions or refuse to leave, Skaldar will attack with the help of four other Ghost Shaman, a Drowned Dead, and a few Barrow Wights. There's no loot to be had, so you might as well avoid the fight if you can.

6 - Exit

A third cave leading down into Burial Isle 2.

7 - Polar Bear Spirit

When you approach the standing ring of stones, a Polar Bear Spirit will accuse your party of trespassing. The spirit explains that your party is "diseased" and is causing the undead on the island to be restless. The bear asks you to leave the island, which will lead to yet another battle when you refuse to do so. Kill the Polar Bear Spirit and its animal spirit friends, then continue your search of the island.

8 - Exit

A fourth cave leading down into Burial Isle 2.

9 - Hjollder

Arriving from the northwest stairs in Burial Isle 2, your party will find Hjollder carrying out his banishment on this small secluded island. After reaping the 280,000 experience point bonus and convincing him that you're not ghosts, Hjollder tells you that he has accepted his fate as decreed by Wylfdene.

If you tell Hjollder that Wylfdene is corrupted by an evil spirit and not the king he believes him to be, the barbarian shaman will ask you to find some sort of proof that Wylfdene is not who he claims to be. Once you've acquired Wylfdene's Tribal Insignia from his tomb below, you can show it to Hjollder and point out that it has been defaced for another 420,000 experience points. Hjollder confirms that Wylfdene would have never defaced such a sacred object, which makes him realize that the king is definitely an impostor.

Hjollder doesn't know who would assume the form of Wylfdene, but he does know of someone who may be able to help. He'll send you to Gloomfrost in search of the Gloomfrost Seer, a channeler of spirits with a gift of sight capable of seeing Wylfdene's soul for what it truly is. After Hjollder marks the location on your map, you can either ask him to return your party to Kuldahar (for supplies, etc.) or continue your current quest on foot. Either way, Hjollder defies banishment and returns to the camp in secret to help prepare for your next arrival.