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Thug With Gun
These thugs are similar in toughness to the thugs with bats, but they have pistols as opposed to lumber. They only fire one round at a time, and they aren't very accurate, but they do have unlimited ammo. If they are cornered, they will pistol-whip, but they prefer to run until they are in pistol range again. They are often on rooftops, firing at heroes and unsuspecting passers-by. Most heroes can take them out with long-ranged attacks that exceed the thug's pistol range, but you can also just close the distance as fast as possible and take them on toe-to-toe. Keep in mind, however, that while their pistol-whip doesn't do much damage, their pistol accuracy increases as range decreases.


   - Timid
   - Weak Minded


   - Pistol Shot
   - Punch
Thug With Gun
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