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Blue Darkman
The lesser of the Darkmen, but still rather dangerous. Darkmen can cloak themselves, rendering them practically invisible, so they can be difficult to spot. Blue Darkmen possess no ranged attack, so they will always have to move in relatively close to hit you. While they do have a standard, albeit weak, melee attack, they will almost always use the electric field attack, an area effect with electricity damage. Only send in heroes that are resistant or tough enough to withstand a few blasts, or just keep hitting the Darkman with ranged attacks before he can get to close. If you are having trouble locating them using a nullifying power such as Mental Blank will often force them to uncloak.


   - Charged
   - Grim Resolve
   - Rapid Metabolism
   - Unbeliever


   - Rend
   - Electrical Field
   - Cloak of Shadows
   - Uncloak
Blue Darkman
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