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Purple Darkman
Purple Darkmen are similar to the Blue, but they do not need to be close to attack you. Their primary attack is a ranged area effect, and can be very damaging to all your heroes. They are best dispatched in close combat, where they are forced to use their melee attack so as to not damage themselves with their energy explosion. While closing the distance, keep the team spread out as much as possible, to keep simultaneous damage down. Like the Blue Darkmen, if you are having difficulty finding the Purple Darkmen when they are cloaked, try an area effect such as Mental Blank to force them to uncloak. They are not particularly tough, so most brawlers won't have trouble defeating them.


   - Grim Resolve
   - Rapid Metabolism


   - Rend
   - Darkness Power
   - Cloak of Shadows
   - Uncloak
Purple Darkman
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