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Female Civilian
Female civilians clones look excactly like regular female civilians, obviously. When you click on them in-game, however, as opposed to being referred to as an 'everyday citizen' they are called 'unusual' or 'odd'. They will run directly at your hero, including leaping onto rooftops, until they are close enough to attack. They move fairly fast, and when near your heroes will hit them with an area effect that drains Energy X. While this is not particularly lethal, it can make your life much more difficult if there are more dangerous enemies around. After the energy-draining attack, the female civilian will attack with her melee 'scratch' although it is not particularly strong. Take out these civilians from afar once you have identified them, or send in a brawler who is not in particular need of Energy X at the time.


   - Fast Healing
   - Jumper
   - Glass Bones
   - Radioactive
   - Beautiful


   - Scratch
   - Screech
Female Civilian
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