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Soldier Ant
Soldier ants will attack you on sight, and are faster and more nimble than the worker ants. Their bite is far more damaging as well, but they also have an acid ranged attack that can be devastating. Acid does progressive damage, strong enough to single handedly take out weaker members of the team. The acid spray isn't particularly accurate, however, so keep your ranged attack heroes as far back as possible, and keep them moving.Like the worker ants, soldier ants can climb, so higher ground won't necessarily keep you safe. If your brawlers aren't resistant or tough enough to handle the acid attack up close, keep them throwing explosive mushrooms and the like.


   - Invertebrate
   - Wall Climbing
   - Armored
   - Bedeviled
   - Jumper


   - Pincer Bite
   - Acid Spray
   - Dig
Soldier Ant
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