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Male Civilian
Male civilians clones are far more dangerous than their female counterparts. They will still run up and use an area effect, but instead of an energy-draining attack, they let loose a powerful explosion. Not only is this potentially lethal to most of your heroes, but it can do a lot of collateral damage. Also, if there are any vehicles nearby, they will often explode as well, causing a damaging chain reaction. They can also climb walls like the Ant, which means they can continue pursuit of anyone but your fliers. These cloned civilians can be identified like the females, by clicking on them you will see their description as being 'unusual' or 'odd'. Using this, take them out with ranged attacks and thrown objects before they can get close enough to trigger an explosion, and keep them away from civilians and buildings to avoid losing prestige.


   - Wall Climbing
   - Radioactive
   - Glass Bones


   - Punch
   - Annihilation
Male Civilian
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