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Manbulls are one of the most powerful enemies in the game. They are inceredibly fast, able to run down almost any hero. They are also very strong, able to do serious damage and huge knockback with their 'gore' melee attack. The knockback often stuns heroes, giving the Manbull time to run up and gore again. They also have an area attack that panics everyone around them, an opportunity they will promptly take advantage of to gore your hero in the back. They have no ranged attack, so the best way to defeat them is to try to stay in the air or on higher ground, and pummel them with ranged attacks. They also have poor visual range, so it is sometimes possible to defeat them from your hero's maximum range. If one of your heroes is unfortunate enough to be caught in melee combat, try to distract the Manbull long enough to retreat, though this can be difficult if the Manbull is enraged.


   - Berserker
   - Disciplined


   - Gore
   - Bellow
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