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Ice Trooper
These lowly minions of Nuclear Winter pack two ranged attacks with their freeze guns. The first is a low-damage ice bullet, the second is a freeze beam. The bullets are similar to the bullets fired by regular thugs...reasonable range, and less than average accuracy. The freeze beam, however, can encase your hero in a block of ice, rendering them helpless and vulnerable. While charging them to force them into melee is certainly a viable tactic, remember that they tend to come in groups and it is easy to be caught in a crossifre. It is best to try to take them out before entering the range of their weapons, if possible. Keep in mind that while fire-based heroes such as El Diablo can do serious damage, but are more susceptible to their attacks.


   - None


   - Freeze Ray
   - Ice Bullet
   - Punch
Ice Trooper
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