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The big daddy of all the dinosaurs. The T-Rex is slow, and has essentially no ability to dodge. However, he is incredibly strong, and very, very tough. Like the other dinosaurs, he has no ranged attack, but he does have significant reach because of his size, as well as a devastating area attack. He has a lot of hit points, so it will take a lot of firepower to bring him down. He has a chance to become enraged when damaged, so try to keep your distance and pummel him with ranged attacks. The T-rex is resistant to piercing and crushing damage, so pile on the elemental attacks, and only send in your toughest and strongest brawlers.


   - Berserker
   - Ponderous
   - Solid Skeleton
   - Armored
   - Grim Resolve


   - Chomp
   - Snap
   - TRex Stomp
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