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Companion: Bethany
Name: Bethany Hawke

Class: Mage

Description: Even growing up as an apostate has not dimmed Bethany's faith and sunny nature, though it has colored her view of the world. Bethany wishes above all else to be "normal." She appreciates the trouble her family took to keep her out of the Circle, but the running, hiding, and constant fear have taken their toll. Though she would never admit so to her mother -- not after all she sacrificed to protect her -- Bethany sometimes wonders whether she would be better off in the Circle. At least there she would be with other mages, confident she'd be serving the will of the Maker and not defying a millenium of religious teachings. Still, her first loyalty is to her family; despite her doubts, she gladly embraces her magic if it keeps them safe.

Location: Bethany will join you at the start of the game.

Starting Abilities: Fireball

Default Weapon:
Default Armor:
Armor Upgrades:
Friendship / Rivalry (+/-):

+10 or +15Outside Lothering (Prologue) Automatically gained when you meet up with Aveline and Wesley (rogues and warriors get +15 if they choose the "aggressive" dialogue option; every other possibility leads to +10).
+5Lirene's Fereldan Imports (Act I) During the quest Tranquility, tell Lirene that you mean Anders no harm.
±5Lowtown (Act I) During the quest Tranquility, allow Bethany to talk to the refugees outside Lirene's shop (+5), or threaten the refugees (-5).
±5The Chantry (Act I) During the quest Tranquility, when Karl asks Anders to kill him, recommend that he comply (+5), or not (-5).
±5Hightown (Act I) At the end of the quest Bait and Switch, defend Bethany to Fenris (+5), or agree with Fenris (-5).
+15Amell Estate Cellar (Act I) Automatically gained during the quest Birthright.
-10Gamlen's House (Act I) After completing the quest Birthright, when you talk to Bethany, tell her "This will never be home."
+15Gamlen's House (Act I) Gained upon completing the quest Portrait of the Past.
±5Gallows Courtyard (Act I) When Fenris starts talking about Tevinter mages, say "It's wrong to oppress mages" (+5) or "The Circle is necessary" (-5).
(Act I)
During the quest Long Way Home, when Merrill removes the barrier, respond using the good stance (-5) or the aggressive stance (+5).
+15The Blooming Rose (Act I) During the quest Enemies among Us, ask Bethany for help when confronting Idunna.
±5Gallows Courtyard (Act I) At the end of the quest Sanctuary, when you talk to Cullen, agree that mages are trying to destroy the Chantry (-5), or disagree (+5), or say that not all mages are like that (+5).
-10Gallows Courtyard (Act I) At the end of the quest Sanctuary, when you talk to Cullen, agree that mages should not be treated like normal people.
±10Gallows Courtyard (Act I) At the end of the quest Enemies Among Us, tell Cullen that he should keep Keran in the order (+10), or recommend that he not take any chances (-10).
-5The Blooming Rose (Act I) After talking to Jethann for the quest The First Sacrifice, sleep with him.
+15The Docks (Act I) During the quest Loose Ends (Athenril version), let Pryce have the goods.
±5Ruined Passage (Act I) During the quest Magistrate's Orders, kill Kelder yourself (+5), or take him into custody (-5).
±5Petrice's Safehouse (Act I) At the start of the quest Shepherding Wolves, accept Petrice's task (+5), or refuse (-5).
+10Vimmark Mountain Pass (Act I) During the quest Shepherding Wolves, refuse to give up Ketojan.
-10Lowtown (Act I) At the start of the quest Wayward Son, tell Arianni "I will stop him."
+5Slaver Caverns (Act I) During the quest Wayward Son, tell Feynriel you're helping him because your sister is a mage.
±10Slaver Caverns (Act I) During the quest Wayward Son, send Feynriel to the Dalish elves (+10) or to the Circle (-10).
+10 or -5Runaways' Cavern (Act I) During the quest Act of Mercy, force the apostate mages to join the Circle (-5) or agree to lie for them (+10).
±10Wounded Coast Approach (Act I) At the end of the quest Act of Mercy, if you convinced the mages to return to the Circle, hand them over to Karras (-10) or help them fight (+10).
+15 or -10Hightown (Act I) At the start of the quest The Deep Roads Expedition, agree to take Bethany with you (+15), or leave her home (-10).

Companion Notes:
  • If you're playing a mage, then Bethany will die during the Prologue.