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Where Shadows Fall 2
Finally, here it is, the big brawl with Shadow. Unfortunately, she happens to be completely invulnerable. You have to destroy all four pillars in the room before you can attack her. As if that wasn't enough, there is also an infinite number of Darkmen that respawn in the room to make your life miserable. Until the pillars are destroyed, ignore Shadow to the best of your ability. Don't waste too much time fighting Darkmen, if anything only devote one hero to drawing their fire while your heavy hitters take out the pillars. Once all four pillars are gone, Shadow becomes vulnerable, and falls fairly quickly under the combined might of Freedom Force. Once she is defeated, the level ends.

Primary Objectives:

   - Defeat Shadow (80 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - None


   - Shadow (300 prestige points)


   - (Infinite) Purple Darkmen (35 prestige points each)
   - (Infinite) Blue Darkmen (30 prestige points each)


   - 2 Yellow: 1 by Shadow's throne, 1 in southeast corner
   - 2 Red: 1 between buildings in 2nd city area, 1 on west side of last room
   - 4 Purple: 2 along walls, 2 near center of room

New Heroes:

   - Liberty Lad