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City of Darkness
This is a fairly long level, and your heroes will take plenty of damage, but you'll earn a good chunk of prestige by the end. The level is broken into sections by rockslides, which works to your advantage. Make sure you defeat all the enemies in an area first before you move on, so as you don't have things biting your spine while you're trying to advance through the level. You'll encounter more of the acid-spitting soldier ants, as well as a new enemy, Darkmen. They won't attack you until you release the civilians, though they have electrical attacks that stun, and can be quite a pain. Try to take them out with long ranged attacks whenever possible.

This level is also loaded with explosive mushrooms, which make handy projectiles. Be careful though, some of the narrow hallways are loaded with the little suckers, and a poorly placed attack can turn your whole party into goo. You'll also have to face the soon-to-be-teammate the Ant, though he'll run after he takes enough damage. As long as you overwhelm him quickly, he's not too dangerous. Once you have plowed through the fourth and final cityscape and defeat the Ant again, the level ends, and it's on to the Shadow's lair.

Primary Objectives:

   - Explore the caverns to find the source of the ant menace (60 prestige points)
   - Man-Bot must survive (60 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - Break the cages to free the civilians held prisoner (20 prestige points)


   - None


   - 13 Worker Ants (10 prestige points each)
   - 17 Soldier Ants (30 prestige points each)
   - 9 Blue Darkmen (30 prestige points each)


   - 1 Green: behind building in 2nd city area
   - 2 Red: 1 under pile of boulders in 2nd city area, 1 at dead end in 3rd city area
   - 1 Yellow: behind building in 3rd city area
   - 5 Purple: 1 on rooftop in 2nd city area, 1 by civilian cage, 3 in corners of 4th
   city area

New Heroes:

   - The Ant