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Came a Hero!
The first level of Freedom Force is a walk in the park...literally. You begin the game as Minuteman, taking control of him just after he gains his powers, standing at the base of the Minuteman statue in the middle of the park. In this pseudo-tutorial level, you can follow the yellow arrows to be led to various checkpoints that explain the controls, actions, and basic menu interface of the game. If you have played the game before, you can follow the red arrows instead to head straight to the level's objective, however, perfectionists that want to take out every thug in the level will still need to traverse through the yellow arrow-laden park to get them all.

The objective is to catch O'Connor, the traitor responsible for Minuteman's alter ego Frank Stiles' downfall, and a communist to boot. The red arrows lead you across the street from the park into the city, and after interrogating a few thugs, they lead to O'Connor himself. He appears after you defeat the pistol thug on the rooftop of one of the eastern buildings, and promptly destroys the building underneath you. None of the enemies in this first level are particularly challenging, it is, after all, essentially a tutorial, and even O'Connor himself goes down fairly quickly under a few default attacks. The mission ends when you interrogate him, so if you want to complete it all (including the secondary objective of stopping the muggers), feel free to knock him silly first, scour the level, and then interrogate him. Don't worry, he will just stand there and swoon until you can pencil him in to your busy superhero schedule.

Primary Objectives:

   - Catch O'Connor (80 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - Stop the Muggers (20 prestige points)


   - O'Connor


   - 18 Thugs With Bats (5 Prestige Points Each)
   - 9 Thugs With Pistols (10 Prestige Points Each)
   - 1 Gangster (20 Prestige Points)


   - 2 Red: 1 in the park, 1 hidden under an air vent on the roof
   - 1 Green: in the alley with the oil barrels

New Heroes:

   - None