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The End of Time 3
More platforms, more enemies. Your first encounter will be with Pan and his minions, be sure to take out the Manbulls first before they can knock anyone off of the disk. Once they're gone, have the majority of the team take on Pan while a ranged attack hero drops the Sylphs. Destroy the temple when all the enemies are gone, and the portal will open.

The second platform has T-rexes; be sure to avoid close combat and stick to ranged attacks, and they should be no problem. The next disk is a little has Microwave robots and turrets. The robots have powerful ranged attacks, but are slow, so take advantage of their poor movement by getting behind them and closing the distance. Have your fastest (or weakest) hero head to each one of the turrets to override them, with their help defeating the Microwave robots will be much easier.

The final platform is Timemaster with two duplicates. They have powerful melee attacks, so it is best to try to keep your distance, and keep moving. When you have defeated all three, the final portal will open leading to the final level.

Primary Objectives:

   - Defeat Pan and his followers (20 prestige points)
   - Defeat the deadly dinosaurs (20 prestige points)
   - Defeat the robotic reprobates (20 prestige points)
   - Defeat Timemaster and his temporal twins (20 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - None


   - Pan (450 prestige points)
   - Timemaster (250 prestige points)


   - 2 Silver Sylphs (50 prestige points each)
   - 2 Manbulls (75 prestige points each)
   - 3 Microwave Robots (250 prestige points each)
   - 3 Temporal Twins (250 prestige points each)
   - 3 Turrets (0 prestige points)
   - 2 T-Rexes (0 prestige points)


   - 2 Red: 1 on ninth plartform, 1 on tenth platform
   - 8 Purple: 1 on ninth platform, 3 on tenth platform, 1 on eleventh platform,
   3 on twelfth platform

New Heroes:

   - None