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The End of Time
This level is pretty straight-forward, you simply move from platform to platform, destroying everyone in your path. The first platform is Pinstripe and his goons. He can still absorb most melee attacks, so pile up the elemental attacks on him while your brawlers head around to take care of his minions. Keep an eye on the area attacks and the falling grenades...even though you're on a purple floating disc in the middle of space, you'll still be penalized for cityscape destruction. Once they are all defeated, the portal in the middle will open. Be sure to STAND BACK until it is completely open, if you are too close when it is opening you will be knocked back and blown off the disk. The portal leads you to the next platform.

The second platform is Nuclear Winter and friends, easier to defeat now that you are more powerful. The third disk is filled with raptors, and while you get no individual prestige for them, you still must defeat them to move on. The fourth platform is all soldier ants, and once you have destroyed them all, a portal opens that ends the level.

Primary Objectives:

   - Defeat Pinstripe and his minions (20 prestige points)
   - Defeat Nuclear Winter and his lackeys (20 prestige points)
   - Defeat the Prehistoric Pests (20 prestige points)
   - Defeat the oversized ants (20 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - None


   - Pinstripe (250 prestige points)
   - Nuclear Winter (200 prestige points)


   - 6 Soldier Ants (30 prestige points each)
   - 2 Ice Queens (40 prestige points each)
   - 2 Frost Warriors (40 prestige points each)
   - 2 Ice Troopers (20 prestige points each)
   - 2 Gangsters (20 prestige points each)
   - 2 Hit Men (15 prestige points each)
   - 2 Thugs with Bombs (0 prestige points)
   - 2 Raptors (0 prestige points)
   - 2 Wild Raptors (0 prestige points)
   - 2 Tough Raptors (0 prestige points)


   - 3 Purple: 1 on first platform, 1 on second platform, 1 on fourth platform
   - 4 Red: 1 on first platform, 1 on second platform, 1 on third platform,
   1 on fourth platform

New Heroes:

   - None