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In the Nick of Time
In this level, Freedom Force forgets the most important rule in gamerdom...never, ever split the party.

Not only do you have only two heroes, but you also must protect Nick Craft, a little Freedom Fan that follows you into the fray. Luckily for Nick, this is a fairly easy mission. It is easiest to have Mentor stay by Nick, and have Man-Bot run around smacking thugs around. The red arrows will lead you quickly from objective to objective, ultimately leading you to chase down the last few escaping thugs. If you want Mentor to feel important, have him head off the last few thugs and beat them into submission. Once you have defeated the escaping thugs, interrogate them and the mission ends.

Primary Objectives:

   - Get to the bank and talk to the police chief (20 prestige points)
   - Bank must not be destroyed (40 prestige points)
   - Protect Nick Craft from harm (60 prestige points)
   - Destroy the armored car (20 prestige points)
   - Catch all the bank robbers escaping on foot (40 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - Don't allow any part of the bank to collapse (40 prestige points)


   - None


   - 8 Thugs with Bats (5 prestige points each)
   - 4 Thugs with Guns (12 prestige points each)


   - 1 Green: in the alley west of starting point
   - 1 Yellow: in alley at northeast corner

New Heroes:

   - None