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A Nuclear Winter 3
Finally, you get to really throw down with Nuclear Winter. You begin at the pier, which happens to be chock full of angry Ice Troopers with ever-improving aim. As the accuracy of the enemies is improving, it is best to keep Mentor further away than usual, especially as you now have Man-Bot to head up the assaults. El Diablo, as usual, is best kept out of harms way tossing Tongues of Flame into groups of baddies. Minuteman can still hold his own in melee combat, of course, but with as many enemies as are in this level, you'll want him tossing snowballs and barrels as well. Keep in mind there are some civilians under attack near the beginning of the level, and while there is no secondary objective to save them, you will lose prestige if they're hurt too badly.

Once you have mopped up a decent amount of Nuke's forces, head to the top of the map to confront him. After the cinematic, he starts a 60 second timer on the warhead. Send Minuteman to defuse it...he'll need 20 seconds, so the rest of the team will have to keep Nuclear Winter busy. Once the bomb is defused, send the whole team after Nuclear Winter, and he'll fall under the combined power of Freedom Force.

Primary Objectives:

   - Don't let Minuteman fall. This is personal! (60 prestige points)
   - Bring Nuclear Winter to justice (40 prestige points)
   - Minuteman must disarm the bomb before it explodes (80 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - None


   - Nuclear Winter (200 prestige points)


   - 3 Ice Queens (40 prestige points each)
   - 5 Ice Queens (50 prestige points each)
   - 7 Frost Warriors (40 prestige points each)
   - 14 Ice Troopers (20 prestige points each)


   - 2 Purple: 1 on pier, 1 on ice hill
   - 1 Red: buried in pile of snowballs

New Heroes:

   - Man-Bot