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Wanted - The Minuteman 2
In this issue you must hunt down and beat the snot out of the Minuteman clone. A red arrow will lead you to him...he begins the level near the center of the map, then high-tails it northeast. If you choose, you can run right to him and start smacking him, or you can clear out the rest of the level first; the Minuteman clone will wait for you on the far side of the map. It is best to take out the cloned civilians from a distance, as they have powerful area attacks. They are described as "unusual" when you highlight them, so you can take them out before getting too close. Once you have clobbered the Minute-clone to the interrogation point, you can clear out the rest of the level if you haven't already done so. Once you interrogate the clone, the mission ends.

Primary Objectives:

   - Bring the Minuteman clone to justice (60 prestige points)
   - Keep Liberty Lad safe (60 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - Apprehend all of the robbers (40 prestige points)


   - None


   - 7 Tough bat Thugs (20 prestige points each)
   - 3 Tough gun Thugs(30 prestige points each)
   - 1 Cloned Police (40 prestige points)
   - 2 Female Civilians (20 prestige points each)
   - 1 Male Civilian (10 prestige points)


   - 1 Red: in alley in center of map
   - 2 Purple: 1 in alley on south side, 1 on north side

New Heroes:

   - None