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In the Nick of Time 3
This is another one of those pesky levels that begins with you being shot in the face repeatedly. First things first, get Minuteman to run away from Pinstripe. This keeps Nick from being hit by any stray fire and ending the mission, but more importantly it keeps Minuteman from being squished like a grape by the super tough Pinstripe. Attack Pinstripe with the whole team...if you begin to be pestered by any of the gun-wielding thugs, send Mentor or El Diablo after them while the rest of the team wails on Pinstripe. After he gives up and runs away, send the nearest hero to check on Nick, ending the level.

There are no canisters on this level, nor are there any secondary objectives, so it is best to just head straight for Pinstripe with guns, and hands, blazing. Nick is then taken back to the team's medical room, and the next story arc begins.

Primary Objectives:

   - Defeat Pinstripe before Nick Craft dies (80 prestige points)
   - Check back on Nick (60 prestige points)

Secondary Objectives:

   - None


   - Pinstripe


   - 3 Thugs with Guns (12 prestige points each)


   - None

New Heroes:

   - Man O' War
   - Sea Urchin