Allies for Bruma
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cloud Ruler Temple
Starting NPC: Jauffre
Possible Reward(s): Allies for Bruma (and lots of loot)

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At this point in the game, it's time to demonstrate your power. So, the question I'd put to yourself is, having now closed at least two Oblivion Gates (Kvatch and Bruma), are you powerful enough to easily lay waste to five more (key word being "easily")? If not, then your chances for survival in the game's final quest series, beginning with Defense of Bruma, are more limited. If one Oblivion Gate takes everything you have, it's time to do a little upgrading, and I'll let you know how for this final segment in the game.

First off, how is your weapon? If you're level 20+, is it Daedric yet? Are you proficient at blade or blunt? If you feel you're lacking in this department, or are having trouble downing tough enemies, it might be time for an upgrade. And, the most accessible place for free super weapons are the rewards from the Daedric Quests. For a warrior proficient in blade, and if you're level 20 or above, I'd recommend first the shrine of Boethia. This particular shrine is southeast from Cheydinhal and the reward is a 1h sword with base damage of 22 and wicked Fire Strike damage called Goldbrand. This actually makes it (when enemies are not immune) the most powerful free weapon you can get. Secondly, with Goldbrand in hand, complete the first part of the Clavicus Vile quest, which begins southwest of Imperial City at his shrine. Its reward, after you defeat a pretty powerful female (easily with Goldbrand) is her base 25 damage 1h sword with a Soul Trap enchantment called Umbra. The sword does so much damage that for me, at level 26, I'm having no trouble taking out the toughest of enemies and getting their souls using the Azura's Star unlimited soul gem reward from the Daedric Quest Azura. If you're in between level 15 and 20, try the Mephala quest for a nice Ebony Blade.

Now if you're blunt, then you might like the Molag Bal Daedric Quest (lvl 17) or Malacath (lvl 10), both with warhammer rewards. And, if you use a shield, perhaps try the Peryite quest for a spell absorbtion shield called Spell Breaker. Most of the quests offer a high level item you might be able to use, so upgrade as appropriate and then tackle the Oblivion Gates.

One note for 20+ players. If you find yourself low on Strong Potions of Healing, then the Daedric Shrine Boethia, where you'd receive Goldbrand for defeating its 10 solo champions, is the place to go. Each of the 10 champions has an absolutely huge store of strong healing potions (we're talking typically 50+), many more than you'd want to, or need to carry throughout the game (if you collected them all).

The objective for Defense of Bruma, coming later, is to have as much support from the cities in Cyrodiil as possible, because the fight is a tough one. Each time you clear one of the newly opened Oblivion Gates near each of the cities (Bruma and Kvatch notwithstanding since you've closed them, and Imperial City not offering to help you), you'll receive reinforcements for Bruma. Simply go to the castle in each of the cities and talk to their ruler. Most often they'll be there from about 8am to 4-6pm. Choose the topic "Aid for Bruma" and away you'll go. An Oblivion Gate will then appear on your world map, and you simply need to enter it (fighting off the initial small resistance), climb the sigil tower (which sometimes requires ascending another tower or two before it's accessible), and take the sigil stone. Then make sure to report your success back to the ruler, who then gives you the troops you need.

As far as which Oblivion Gates give you the best troops, it's Bravil and Cheydinhal first (who each give a named soldier plus generic for Cheydinhal), then Anvil and Chorrol who each give two generic soldiers, and finally Kvatch, Leyawiin, and Skingrad each giving one generic soldier.

For the best chance of survival you might want to do them all, but to get Kvatch's and Cheydinhal's reinforcements, you will need to complete a) Savlian Matius' follow up miscellaneous quest "Battle for Castle Kvatch", which begins in the Cathedral in Kvatch, the same place you freed Martin - and b) speak with Amminum Gregori near the Cheydinhal Gate, which is just northwest of the city (you should see it when you're there).

The other upgrade you may want to do prior to Defense of Bruma is to enchant your gear. Whether you have Glass, Ebony, Daedric, or some other type, find or fill a soul gem (Grand preferably), and try and enchant your armor with some type of constant effect, which usually cost the most, but are well worth it.

Rather than put all of the gate closing walkthroughs on this page, we've separated them into separate links - Anvil Gate, Bravil Gate, Cheydinhal Gate, Chorrol Gate, Leyawiin Gate, and Skingrad Gate. You can also recruit the aid of a couple of the soldiers at Kvatch by completing the The Battle For Castle Kvatch quest. Remember, all of these quests are optional. Completing them will only provide you with more allies during the Defense of Bruma quest. Once you feel that you've secured enough troops to accomplish the mission, speak with Jauffre and then Martin to begin the battle preparations.