The Battle for Castle Kvatch
Quest Information
Starting Location: Kvatch Chapel of Akatosh
Starting NPC: Savlian Matius
Possible Reward(s): Kvatch Cuirass

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After you have closed the great Oblivion gate and made your way to Martin as part of the Breaking the Siege of Kvatch quest, Savlian Matius will ask that you help him and his men take back Castle Kvatch. This is entirely optional, but if you want to recruit some additional soldiers for the Allies For Bruma quest, then you'll want to give Savlian the aid he seeks.

Once you're ready to storm the castle gates, let Savlian know and he and his men will rush out the north door of the chapel. Follow them outside and help them wipe out the daedra resistance just beyond the door. Once the way is clear, speak with Savlian again to learn that the castle gates are locked and that the only way to open it is for someone to make their way into the gatehouse and activate the mechanism to raise it. The gatehouse is locked, though, so Savlian tells you to speak with Berich Inian in the chapel to obtain the key.

Instead of simply handing over the key, Berich wants to go with you. He recommends traveling through the chapel undercroft and mentions that you should take the key off his body should he not make it. If you speak to the soldier nearby, you can recruit some additional assistance on your way there. Once ready, follow Berich down the chapel stairs and into the undercroft.

The undercroft and streets beyond are infested with daedra, so expect several battles as you progress. Berich will move quickly through the Kvatch streets until finally coming to a stop outside of a trap door leading into an old passageway. There is nothing to fight within the passageway itself, so simply run to its opposite side and climb the ladder leading into the gatehouse. Once there, turn the gate lever to allow Savlian and his men entrance into the castle.

Once all of the daedra outside the castle door are dead, you'll need to accompany Savlian and his men into the castle's great hall in order to find the count. The opposition intensifies as even more daedra await you in the two separate sections of the great hall. Focus on one daedra at a time with the help of Savlian's men and you should have no problem making it to the count's private chambers. Unfortunately, Count Ormellius Goldwine didn't spend enough of his childhood years learning how to defend himself, so you'll find him face down in his own blood. Grab the Colovian Signet Ring off his corpse, then return to Savlian at the great hall entrance to report the bad news.

Savlian is disappointed that you were unable to get to the count in time, but he's pleased that you've returned his ring so that it can be passed on to his successor. As a reward for your efforts, Savlian gives you his thanks and the Kvatch Cuirass right off his back. If you're in need of soldiers for the Allies For Bruma quest, then this is the perfect time to hit Savlian up for some assistance. For your assistance in retaking Kvatch Castle, he offers to send a couple of his men to aid in Bruma's defense.