Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
Quest Information
Starting Location: Kvatch
Starting NPC: Savlian Matius
Possible Reward(s): Random Valuable Magic Ring

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You've found out from the Kvatch base camp that the city is being run over by Daedra and that the cause is the Oblivion Gate near the city entrance. The captain of the guard, Savlian Matius, is waiting for you at the barricade and tells you that your only hope of saving Martin, who may be trapped inside the chapel within the city, is to close the Oblivion Gate. Unfortunately, he has no idea how.

This begins an intermediary quest in between the two parts of the Find the Heir quest. Your first task is to enter the gate. Telling Matius that you're ready, you'll need to fight through a couple Daedra (which are leveled to your character) to get to it. Activate the gate to enter Oblivion.

Inside is a charred world, and you'll be traveling clockwise through it. Not too far from the entrance, you'll find another guard doing battle with the Daedra. After he informs you that there's a guard being held prisoner in a tower, you can let him go or ask him to join you. He'll prove useful if you can keep him alive, but if not, he'll of course have died with honor. Continue around the linear ruin-strewn path until you reach the northern end. Watch for falling boulders on your right along the hillside, which can do significant damage if you're caught in the path. Wrap around and eventually you'll come to the gate to the huge tower. And, waiting there for you will be a Daedra guard you'll have to dispatch.

The giant twin doors lead to the Blood Feast, a circular room that has many levels that you'll eventually reach. Inside are two Daedra, and two doors. Enter the left door to the Rending Halls, take the linear path through until you reach a door to the Corridors of Dark Salvation.

Inside these different rooms, you'll notice a few oddities. Standing diamond-shaped objects are actually containers and it's advisable to look through every one you pass. Mostly these will be found on the higher levels of the Blood Feast tower. You'll also notice octagon shaped blood fountains or blue magical fountains. These replenish your health and magicka.

Once inside the Corridors, travel clockwise up the ramp to a large room with a couple more Daedra. The west door to this room leads to a large walkway to another tower. This is the tower you'll find the prisoner, Menien Goneld, up the ramp, as well as the Sigil Gate Key holder you'll have to fight. Talk to the prisoner for a little more information, but he'll stay put. Then travel back, and once you enter the door, use the key on the locked door to your left, called Citadel Hall Door.

Inside the locked door, travel clockwise again until you get to the next Blood Feast door, which is well above where you were last in the tower. Take the ramps up, fight the Daedra, empty the containers, and activate the glowing pod to ascend to an even higher level. Again take the ramps up, fight the Daedra, and enter into either Sigillum Sanguis door using your key. Around the outer part are health refilling stations, and within are the magicka refills. There are a few Daedra in here, and you might find yourself fighting more than one at a time if they notice you. After they're dispensed of, ascend all the way to the top and activate the sigil stone to take it! The foundations will rock, and you'll then find yourself tossed outside the gate to Oblivion.

Return to Savlian Matius and let him know the way is open. He'll ask for your help in breaking through the initial Daedra within the city en route to the Chapel where Martin is being held, but I'd suggest heading back down to the base camp and repairing, selling, and/or sleeping to get ready.

Once you're sufficiently prepared for a tough fight, and I recommend having some heal potions ready as well as any shield spells or scrolls, again talk to Savlian and enter the city with him. You'll be fighting several Daedra in the courtyard just before the Chapel. The only way to succeed here is to keep yourself alive, and that may be no easy task if you rush. Stick with one enemy at a time, and don't worry too much about Savlian. He'll fall down unconscious but he'll eventually get up and resume the fight. The same can't be said for the other guards. You may want to follow one and help them survive so that they in turn can help you. Also if you have them, use area spells like the fireball if you have a group chasing you.

When it's over, talk to Savlian and enter the Chapel, where you'll let them know that the path is clear and they'll tell you that Martin is now safe in the base camp. Additionally, if you continue to talk to Savlian he'll ask you to help him take the castle as part of the The Battle For Castle Kvatch quest. However, this is considered a miscellaneous quest and is not at all essential to the main quest (though it is a requirement to get Savlian's aid for the Allies For Bruma quest). Do so if you feel up to it, but otherwise, you're free to leave. You'll find Martin back down at the base camp. See now Part II of Find the Heir.