Find the Heir
Quest Information
Starting Location: Weynon Priory
Starting NPC: Jauffre
Possible Reward(s): A Larger Repair Bill

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Part I:

After finding Jauffre at Weynon Priory and learning that Septim has an heir named Martin, you're told to go find him at the city of Kvatch to the south. This quest has two parts. One is to head to Kvatch and figure out where Martin might be, and then, after another necessary intermediary quest (much longer than this one), you again pick up the search for Martin and finish it up.

Here are the steps. After speaking with Jauffre, find Prior Maborel around the Priory and he'll offer you the use of his horse. You of course do not need to take it, and can pick it up later, but it's yours if you wish. See the introduction for a little more detail on horses. Kvatch is southwest of Weynon Priory, while Skingrad is due south. However, since you're so close to Chorrol, I'd recommend stopping by for a visit. While there, sell off your extra inventory, learn to "haggle" and "persuade" merchants (may take a few tries before you get it down), and invest in a few repair hammers. You'll need or want them on your next quest, even if your skill is poor.

Before you head out, consider also taking some time to explore other cities and perhaps dungeons as you come across them. There is no rush on the main quest. When you're ready, either fast travel to Kvatch or hoof it, but when you get there, expect some surprises.

You'll be confronted immediately by Hirtel who's all shook up about what's happened to his city. Asking about Martin does no good, but you'll be in a small camp and can learn more from the others. Stop by Batul gra-Sharob the female orc for a chance to sell or repair (which you'll want to do before you head up the path), and then talk to a few others, learning that the guard captain Savlian Matius is up the hill keeping the Daedra at bay.

There are a few bedrolls here in the camp if you need to rest to level, but when you're ready start the ascent Kvatch and eventually you'll reach Savlian. Exhaust all conversation topics with him and you'll learn that a) Martin could be inside the city, and b) that you'll need to first close the Oblivion Gate to gain entrance. This automatically adds a new quest to your journal, Breaking the Siege of Kvatch, and puts that at priority number one. After you've completed the first part of that quest (which is the only manditory part for the Main Quest), head back here for Part II. Head now to Breaking the Siege of Kvatch.

Part II:

So you've shut down the Oblivion Gate taking hold over Kvatch (follow the link at the end of Part I), went into Kvatch with Savlian, broke down the initial Daedra defense, and entered the Chapel. Now, unless you talked to Martin on the way out, he'll be at the base camp. Head there now for an initial "what's going on I can't believe what just happened" speech, and then a reminder again to head back to Weynon Priory with Martin to see Jauffre. I'd recommend fast traveling this time to be safe and save you a lot of time, but it's entirely your call, it works either way. The moment you reach Weynon Priory, you'll begin the next part of your journey, not suprisingly called Weynon Priory.