Weynon Priory
Quest Information
Starting Location: Kvatch
Starting NPC: Martin
Possible Reward(s): Prior Maborel's Horse, Blades Equipment

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Whether you fast traveled, walked, limped, or rode here, you'll find that the Priory is under attack by Mythic Dawn Assassins, as relayed to you by Eronor when you arrive. Defeat the few outside the Priory fast enough and you'll allow Brother Piner to join you in Jauffre's defense inside the Chapel. Head there now and protect Jauffre from the couple of assassins inside. When they're defeated, follow him to the not-so-secret hiding place of the Amulet of Kings, and subsequently you'll learn of the far off Blades' fortress in Cloud Ruler Temple in the north of Cyrodiil.

There are the two ways there, by fast travel and by horse. Head outside to the stables and you'll find that you can actually take Prior Maborel's old horse. It's the slowest and least robust of all the horses, but it's still one heck of a lot faster than running. I'd suggest taking the long way there for the experience and immersion. Martin will follow and will aid in any fights you may get yourself into on the way. Follow the northeast path out of Chorrol where it will wind around until you reach the T-intersection between Imperial City and Bruma. Take the left path north, and at the next T-intersection, take the left path south toward Bruma. Skip the city for now and wind around it to the north, following the path up a hill until you reach Cloud Ruler Temple.

Jauffre introduces Martin to the Blades, and after the rough ceremony you'll be asked to formally join up, giving you access to all the equipment in the fortress armory. It's in the west wing, so head there and if it's better, make the upgrade or take it with you to sell if you prefer (Bruma's a nice close place). Now you'll want to find Jauffre again and talk to him about what to do next. The next quest is a fair bit longer, so see The Path of Dawn to get started.