The Path of Dawn
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cloud Ruler Temple
Starting NPC: Jauffre
Possible Reward(s): Several Chests

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In an effort to retrieve the Amulet of Kings, Jauffre gives you the name of someone who might help: the Blade named Baurus, the same who traveled with you back in the prison at the beginning of your adventure. He's in the Elven Gardens District in the Imperial City, at an inn of sorts called "Luther Broad's Boarding House."

Once you make it to the area and inside the boarding house, you'll find Baurus sitting on a stool enjoying a drink. You may also notice someone by the name of Astav Wirich sitting in a chair not too far away. Talk to Baurus and he urges you to sit. Do so on the stool next to him, and he informs you of the plan. For now, do as he says and keep your mouth shut. When he gets up and Astav follows, follow them to the basement where Astav, a Mythic Dawn agent, will attack. Help Baurus kill the assassin and then search him for Mythic Commentaries, at which point your quest log will pop up alerting you to tell Baurus of your finding.

Baurus confirms his identity and refers you to Tar-Meena, a mage who's in the Arcane University's Mystic Archives. Fast-travel there if you prefer, and enter the central building to find Tar-Meena usually sitting down on a bench. Speaking to her about the book reveals that there are supposedly four of them, and as well as handing you the first two books, refers you to the First Edition bookstore in Imperial City's Market District. where a proprietor named Phintias plys his trade.

Speak with Phintias about the book, and you'll learn he has it but it's on hold for a man named Gwinas, who's supposed to be coming in soon to pick it up. He suggests you wait if you want to speak with him. Right about this time, Gwinas is actually outside heading toward the door. You can wait just outside the front door and see him walk in, or simply wait inside. When he comes, wait for their conversation to be over, and then strike up one with Gwinas, exposing the Mythic Dawn as the assassins of the Emporor. He'll hand you the book after this and also let you know that he was supposed to meet a sponsor of the Mythic Dawn soon in the sewers.

If you missed Gwinas coming to the First Edition and leaving with the book, you can find he's staying in the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza District by raising Phintias' disposition to at least 60, or alternatively can bribe him to sell you the book before Gwinas arrives with a disposition of 70 or greater. My character was focused on speechcraft and the max I could attain with the disposition game was 60 something, so I decided to wait.

After your procurement of book 3, head back to the Elven Gardens District and re-meet with Baurus at Luther Broad's Boarding House about your new information. Baurus asks if you're ready to leave and you'll then follow him out the door a short distance to a sewer entrance. While sticking near him, you'll fight plenty of rats and mudcrabs together, and a few goblins to boot. When you reach the goblins you'll be close to where the meeting is. Finally, he'll stop and brief you on the meeting, suggesting that he conduct the meeting and you watch from the stairs above.

In my game, I let him conduct the meeting, but either way, you'll end up fighting several Mythic Dawn agents when they discover that there are two people there. Baurus can potentially die in this encounter, so do your best to keep him alive (you'll be awarded with a free skill training later on if you do). If you feel cramped while fighting, exit the area back to the one before it. They aren't the easiest fights, with the mages in conjured Daedric armor, and there can be two or three at a time you're fighting. I suggest fully taking care of one of them before trying the others, and exiting if you have too much trouble, where perhaps one or two will follow and the third will stay behind.

When the fighting's over, search all of the bodies including Raven Camoran for the Mythic Commentaries book 4, and the Sunken Sewers Key, which will open the door to the north. Each of the four books are skill books so if you want to increase Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, and Mysticism, read them. Where the meeting was is a series of 3 large rooms north to south. You'll want to take the exit to the north for the most loot, and the game recommends this anyway with its marker, though you can exit in anyway you feel fit. Search each room, both downstairs and up for chests, especially the north where you'll find a Very Hard chest and a couple beds for you to sleep on if you feel like it.

Head through the door to the north to the Telos Plaza Sewers. Down the short corridor you'll find a gate, and past it, two goblins. Head west through the door in the room, then south through a twisted corridor. In the next large room you'll find stairs leading to Dynari Amnis' Basement, and two more goblins. Continue south until you reach another large room. This room marks the top left of a large rectangle. From that room head east, explore a north waterway for another chest, then backtrack and continue east to the end (right top of the rectangle). Then head south all the way (right bottom), up the stairs, and back west to the exit (left bottom) to Telos Plaza District.

When returning from the sewers, your next task will be to take the four books to Tar-Meena back at the Mystic Archives in the Arcane University for assistance. Each time you visit her, on three separate days, she'll give you a further tip toward solving the mystery of the books and finding the location of the Dagon Shrine. The first tip will be that the books contain a hidden message. Her second tip (and you have to wait for it), will be to look at the first letters of each of the paragraphs. This is actually quite enough to solve the riddle on your own, however this being a walkthrough, here's her third tip, which is the solution: Green Emperor Way Where Tower Touches Midday Sun. The Green Emporor Way is the road surrounding the Palace in the Palace District. Fast-travel there, and from the entrance, head right into the cemetery. You'll see a large circular tomb nearby with several columns and it's this tomb that will light up when noon arrives. Wait for noon (on any day), and you'll find the location of the Dagon shrine marked by the sun. Your journal and map will be updated.

Your next quest is to find the Dagon Shrine now marked on your map, infiltrate and attempt to retrieve the Amulet of Kings. You're now ready to tackle the Dagon Shrine.