Strength Strength

Affects how much you can carry, how much Fatigue you have, and how much damage you can do with melee weapons such as swords and axes. Governs the skills of Blunt, Blade, and Hand To Hand.

Intelligence Intelligence

Affects your total Magicka and magic use. Governs the skills of Alchemy, Conjuration, and Mysticism.

Willpower Willpower

Affects how quickly you regenerate Magicka, and how much Fatigue you have. Governs the skills of Destruction, Alteration, and Restoration.

Agility Agility

Affects your ability to maneuver and balance, your total Fatigue, and damage done by bows. Governs the skills of Security, Sneak, and Marksman.

Speed Speed

Determines how fast you move. Governs the skills of Athletics, Light Armor, and Acrobatics.

Endurance Endurance

Affects how much Fatigue you have, your Health, and how much your Health will increase when you sleep and raise levels. Governs the skills of Block, Armorer, and Heavy Armor.

Personality Personality

Affects how much people like you, which leads to better information-gathering. Governs the skills of Speechcraft, Mercantile, and Illusion.

Luck Luck

Luck has an effect on everything you do, but governs no skills.