Jump long distances and avoid damage when falling great distances.

Governing Attribute: Speed

Increasing your skill in Acrobatics will eventually earn you recognition and additional benefits. As... Apprentice of Acrobatics, you can attack while jumping or falling. However, you cannot use power attacks while in mid-jump or mid-fall, only regular attacks.

...a Journeyman of Acrobatics, you have the Dodge ability. Blocking while jumping makes you dodge in the direction of the jump. You will do a tumbling roll and possibly avoid an attack. Expert of Acrobatics, it costs half as much fatigue to jump.

...a Master of Acrobatics, you gain the Water Jump ability. Jump just as you touch the water, and you can jump again as if it were a solid surface. Miss your timing... and fall into the water. With practice, you can jump several times in a row all the way across a body of water.