Anvil Gate
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil Castle
Starting NPC: Countess Millona Umbranox
Possible Reward(s): Allies for Bruma (and lots of loot)

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Seek the castle in Anvil, and speak with Countess Millona Umbranox from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. about "Aid to Bruma", and she'll add the Oblivion Gate to your map, which is just west of Anvil.

Consider the Anvil Oblivion Gate a giant circle. You'll begin in the northeast "corner", and begin traveling around clockwise. About midway down the east side of the circle, you'll come to a branch off to your left (east). This leads to a secondary tower with nothing but loot and enemies inside. Just south of that branch back on the main loop is a cave on your right side (west part of the path) nestled in the rock. Take the cave to the Nether Tunnels and then follow any walkways you encounter up. That's the entire solution to these puzzles. When in doubt, continue up if there's a ramp. After combat with several daedra, and through a door at the top, it will spit you back outside further up toward the central citadel.

Continue around northward until you reach the entrance to the Red Gnash Channels (names sound appropriately gritty and molten). Again, fight your way up all of the ramps until you can't ascend any higher, exit through the door at the top, and you'll be deposited further up the mountain. Continue following the path now until you finally reach the citadel door. The citadel itself is random, so since you're now somewhat experienced at closing these gates, just general advice from here: climb upward as far as you can go, taking the top door you find in all cases. Eventually you'll reach the sigillum sanguis tower at the top, and as usual, defeat the guardians that come from the 2nd level, then move upward to the top via the stairways on the sides, take the sigil stone, and you'll then be teleported back out. Congratulations, the Defense of Bruma now has two more defenders (once you finalize things with the Countess). If you're following the walkthrough exactly, continue now to Bravil Gate, but it may be a good idea to rest and repair in between gates.