Quest Information
Starting Location: Mephala's Shrine
Starting NPC: Dredena Hlavel
Possible Reward(s): Ebony Blade

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This particular Daedric quest requires you to be at least level 15 to begin it. Once you meet that requirement, pay a visit to Mephala's Shrine located to the northeast of Imperial City in The Heartlands region. Speak with Dredena Hlavel when you arrive and tell her that you seek audience with the "Webspinner." She'll tell you that you must leave an offering of Nightshade between midnight and dawn in order to summon the Daedric god. If you don't already have the reagent in your pack, swipe one from The Main Ingredient in Imperial City's Market district. Dawn is considered 6:00am, so you have a 6-hour window to make the offering.

When you present the Nightshade to Mephala's Shrine during the designated time period, the Webspinner will give you a mission to carry out for her. You're to travel to the settlement of Bleaker's Way and kill the leaders of the two families there. You're not to get caught, either, and you must leave evidence that implicates the other family for each murder. The mission sounds like one you should be receiving from the Dark Brotherhood, and it's just as elaborte as any assassination you'd be performing for the faction.

Make the short trek to Bleaker's Way by heading west, crossing the Silver Road along the way. When you arrive in the small town, pay a visit to Kirsten in the Goodwill Inn. When you inquire about Bleaker's Way, she'll give you a quick history about the town and then mention that Hrol Ulfgar and Nivan Dalvilu are considered its leaders. Further questioning reveals that Hrol leads the Ulfgar clan and is fierce with an axe, and that Nivan leads the Dalvilu family and is a powerful wizard.

Nivan's home is just outside the inn, so that should probably be your first destination. Depending on what time you arrive, the door may be locked, so use any lockpicking skills or Open spells that you have, if necessary. Once inside, grab the Dalvilu Cermonial Dagger lying on the table near Nivan's bed. This is one piece of "evidence" you'll need to plant after killing Hrol. Don't kill Nivan just yet, though. Instead, break into Hrol Ulfgar's home and steal the Ulfgar Family Ring lying on a table on the second floor. This is the second piece of "evidence" you'll need to pull off the shifty murders appropriately.

While you're visiting Hrol's home, check all three floors to see if he's here. Once you find him, cut him down and then plant the ceremonial dagger you grabbed earlier on his corpse. With one assassination completed, return to Nivan's home and slay him as well. Plant the ring on his corpse, then return to the Goodwill Inn and tell Kirsten about the murders. When you return outside, several members of both families will be locked in battle. Watch the fruits of your mischief for as long as you'd like, then return to Mephala's Shrine to report your success.

Mephala acknowledges you as her "little Webspinner", then rewards you for the strife you caused with an Ebony Blade. Deadly mischief pays off, apparently.