Quest Information
Starting Location: Peryite's Shrine
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Spell Breaker

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This particular Daedric quest requires you to be at least level 10 to begin it. Once you meet that requirement, pay a visit to Peryite's Shrine located along the Silverfish River to the west of Lake Canulus. When you arrive, you'll find that all of Peryite's followers are standing in a circle and every one of them is unconscious. As you walk around the area, you'll receive a journal entry that something is wrong with the followers and the quest will officially be triggered.

Approach the shrine and the Daedric god will tell you that his followers are an embarassment. The fools cast a spell to summon Peryite, but the incantation trapped their souls in Oblivion and left their bodies here. Peryite asks that you reunite their souls with their bodies and offers to send you to the Plane of Oblivion to do so. When all five souls are collected, the god promises to return you to his shrine. You're given some time to prepare, and the next time you approach the shrine you'll be asked to travel to Oblivion.

This particular stretch of Oblivion is fairly big, and all five souls are spread out across the entire area. None of them are located indoors, though, so you can avoid entering the Sightless Grottos or Blood Well if you'd rather not spend more time than necessary here. Just keep moving through the area, killing all the Oblivion denizens you come across. If you take the same path I did, you'll find the souls in this order: Soul of Mirie, Soul of Kewan, Soul of Er-Teeus, Soul of Ilvel Romayn, Soul of Maren the Seal (you have to jump from stone to stone in some Oblivion lava to reach this guy). When all five souls are freed, you'll receive a journal entry to return to your entrance point. When you get back, a portal to the Nibenay Valley will be waiting for you.

Arriving back at Peryite's Shrine, you'll see that all five followers have gone back to their duties. Approach the shrine once more and Peryite will thank you for restoring the natural order. As a reward, he presents you with a very powerful shield called Spell Breaker.