Quest Information
Starting Location: Malacath's Shrine
Starting NPC: Shobob gro-Rugdush
Possible Reward(s): Volendrung

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This particular Daedric quest requires you to be at least level 10 to begin it. Once you meet that requirement, pay a visit to Malacath's Shrine located to the north of Anvil on the western side of County Kvatch. When you arrive, approach Shobob gro-Rugdush and inquire about the shrine. With a high enough disposition, Shobob will tell you that Malacath likes Troll Fat, so that's obviously what you'll need as an offering to summon the Daedric god. Finding such an offering might prove to be a little tricky, though, if you haven't already fought any trolls. One place you're guaranteed to do battle with trolls is the Forsaken Mine, which you'll find near The Lower Niben south of Leyawiin. This area is actually part of a quest called Trolls of Forsaken Mine, which you may or may not have visited already for the Fighters Guild.

Regardless of how you came into possession of the Troll Fat, take the offering up to the shrine and present it to Malacath. The Daedric god will ask that you free his ogres from someone named Lord Drad. This Drad has apparently enslaved the ogres and has put them in chains to work his mines. You're to go to Lord Drad's estate and convince him to free the ogres, then return to the shrine.

Lord Drad's estate is located just to the southeast of Malacath's Shrine. Go inside and talk to the man himself. He'll confirm that the ogres are slaves, and you'll be given the option of either agreeing with his ways or telling him that no creature should be a slave. If you choose the former option, he'll reveal that he's working the creatures at Bleak Mine. If you choose the latter option, he'll ask that you leave his estate and then stop talking. You'll have to talk to Lady Drad to learn that the ogres are enslaved at Bleak Mine. She also mentions that the guards beat them mercilessly.

Bleak Mine is just a short distance to the east of Lord Drad's estate. The door is locked, but any rudimentary skill in security should get you in. If you aren't able to pick it, go back to Lord Drad's estate and snatch the key from a table on the ground floor. Once you're inside, you'll be confronted by several tough Bleak Mind Guards and a Bleak Mind Guard Captain. If you're good at sneaking or are able to go invisible, I highly recommend doing so. However, you're going to have to make a decision. You'll either have to kill all of the guards and then use their Tarnished Ogre Cage Keys and Shiny Ogre Cage Keys to free the two groups of ogres, or you'll need to have a sufficient amount of security skill to pick the lock on the ogres' cells. Of course, if you have a high-level open spell, that will do the trick too. If you manage to free the ogres before the guards are dead, then the former captives will join in your fight against the guards. Once both groups of ogres are on their way out of the mine, your work is done and you can return to Malacath's Shrine.

Malacath is pleased with the work you did at Bleak Mine (unless you personally killed an ogre, of course). He'll tell you that the ogres will make Drad "eat dirt" (he and his wife are now slaves to the ogres), and then presents you with a two-handed hammer called Volendrung. He finishes off with a "be nice to my little brothers." I wonder if he realizes just how many ogres I've killed in my days on Cyrodiil?