Skingrad Gate
Quest Information
Starting Location: Skingrad Castle
Starting NPC: Count Janus Hassildor
Possible Reward(s): Allies for Bruma (and lots of loot)

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Speak to the Argonian female on the bottom floor from the castle entrance, and she'll get Count Janus Hassildor from his room upstairs. As with the others, speak with him about "Aid to Bruma" and he'll add the Oblivion Gate marker to your map, which is just east of the city's east gate.

In Skingrad's Oblivion Gate, you'll enter a smallish world with three nearby towers, the main one directly south of the entrance, and the other east and west towers flanking you. Enter either the east or west tower first, and like most of the other citadels, ascend all the ramps you find until you reach an exit at the top, and when you finally make it to the room where typically the sigil stone is, fight your way past the initial guards, ascend the first flight of stairs and flip the lever on the back wall. This will extend the bridge between the east and west towers. Now, in the same big circular room with the lever, at the bottom between the two exits, is another door. Exit the door to the outside, and take the bridge to the other tower, where you'll actually already be at the top.

Fight the other tower's guards, then flip a similar lever on the back wall, which will now extend a bridge from both towers to the central main citadel. You can check the bridge out from just outside where you came into the second tower. You'll notice that it's a bit further down. Re-enter either tower, and head down a few ramps until you get to a door to the great waste outside, and the bridge connecting it with the center citadel.

Cross this final bridge, enter the citadel, and like before, begin traveling back up the ramps to the top, enter the sigillum sanguis, defeat the initial guardians, head to the top via staircases and take the stone. When you're teleported back out, and then speak with the count, you'll get another defender for the Defense of Bruma.